Facebook wants to help you to answer the question: “What is happening now?”


Facebook expands your search includes all public positions, a step intended to give people a new way to immerse yourself in the living and the unfolding events.

Unlike Google, which often responds “What I want” question – what I want to buy, for example, or what I want to know – Search Facebook, public offices is particularly useful for “What’s happening ? ” requests.

Take the refugee crisis, for example. Someone who wants to learn more about the plight of people fleeing the troubled regions of the world will now be able to learn firsthand Social on Facebook, in addition to – or, perhaps, instead of -. Read the news told by third parties

already, “I have a feeling for what I think about that on the basis of the news stories I read, I understand what my friends think about that,” VP Search Facebook Tom Stocky said the crisis of refugees. “This [find] a way to see the messages, photos and videos of people who are on the ground in different parts of Europe who share their thoughts and messages about these things. It’s a powerful way to see what people are and what the world He says what is happening now. ”

Facebook makes a number of new product settings to allocate appropriate government posts in this category.

It moves a section of the proposed post of searching when you start typing in the search box (at the moment with the public messages, too) from the bottom to the top of the search suggestions. It introduces a new page by clicking on the search suggestions, which displays a summary of the topic, when it stretch and higher positions from authoritative sources, friends, groups, and other people’s – in that order.

It also creates the tab “recent posts”, showing the most recent message with a reference to your search in real-time. It is releasing a new “people talk about” module in the search results, showing links people share related to the search query. This is creating results pages built around these links, which resumes the selection of quotations from popular stories and discuss it on Facebook all aggregated.

Of course, it is not all limited to the here and now. Product Manager facebook Rousseau Qazi described the search of the death of Steve Jobs, for example. This will lead to the results page filled with stories of 5 October 2011, the day of the death of Steve Jobs, along with posts filled with personal reactions to his death and memories of the people who knew him. Chunky also said that he was seeking public office for recommendations stroller.

But the current events are clearly in focus. “What we are working to optimize it and make it really good for this around,” What is happening now? “Stocky said.

whether that approach creates a meaningful search advertising business for Facebook remains to be seen. Google has created the world’s largest digital advertising business by matching ads to the fact that people say that they want to prove that search = money. Searches Facebook, it is not quite as revealing on advertising, though. And the group, said the stocky, had not spent much time thinking about how to make money from the search.

“issues of the business model in terms of advertising and monetization is not what we were really focused on,” he said. However, he added, “There is certainly a business case here, that we believe in the long run, it will open up opportunities for new forms of advertising.”

While this may not be a priority, the search advertising on Facebook can be a gold mine, if properly implemented. And if there is something Facebook has proved this point, it is the ability to convert data that he enjoyed in the Must-Have promotional products.