A several diverse tech-enabled startups want to consider care of a susceptible team of men and women, one particular whose numbers are growing at a more quickly price than the relaxation of the United States inhabitants: senior citizens.

Honor, one particular of these firms that connects more mature grownups dwelling at dwelling with caregivers, stated today that it’s growing. It just obtained a new funding round of $forty million led by Prosper Money, so it’s increasing its service outside California. It at this time operates in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Location, and before long it will supply its caregiving in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. Honor launched in April 2015 with $20 million in funding, $15 million of it from Andreessen Horowitz. (Andreessen Horowitz also invests in BuzzFeed.)

For $15 and up an hour, Honor’s caregivers do factors like remind men and women to consider their remedies, push them to errands and appointments, and clean the home. Via an app, they match with consumers, routine appointments, and share details with the customers’ kinfolk.

And while Honor does not supply health care care, it’s taking steps towards acquiring its caregivers converse additional with doctors, nurses, and other overall health care suppliers. It is rolling out a new app function that allows caregivers gather basic overall health details about their consumers — like their temper, snooze routine, and agony levels — that can be shared with the customers’ kinfolk, and could sometime be shared with doctors.

“One detail that we have been explained to consistently by the overall health care process that we didn’t recognize originally is they only see men and women for much less than one% of their lives, when they’re at the clinic or the doctor’s workplace,” stated CEO Seth Sternberg, who co-launched the organization with Sandy Jen. (The pair, along with a third co-founder, beforehand launched prompt-messaging service Meebo, which Google acquired in 2012.) “Honor sees men and women all the time where they reside and that is essentially a improved established of facts to determine out someone’s basic overall health, so it’s just about like we’re the eyes and ears into the dwelling.” He added, “One of the factors you can do with that is try out to see if an individual may be trending in the improper direction,” like if they’re developing symptoms of pneumonia.

One purpose Honor preferred to established up store in Dallas, Sternberg stated, is since it might want to lover with a overall health company there in the foreseeable future — though he declined to say which.

Honor’s opposition consists of a startup known as HomeHero, which operates in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Orange County and the in the same way named HomeTeam, which is out there in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. And in June, Google Money acquired a majority stake in Treatment.com, which went general public in 2014 and gives care for seniors as nicely as small children and animals.

These other firms have also announced ideas to supply solutions resembling overall health care. HomeHero has announced a application in which it would consider care of clients recently discharged from hospitals HomeTeam has also stated it will consider care of clients discharged from rehabilitation services at CareOne, a skilled nursing company in New Jersey.

Like other “marketplace” startups, Honor originally categorised its caregivers as independent contractors. But in the spring, it switched them to W-2 staff members. Even though it was additional costly for Honor, the organization hoped it could keep staff members improved by presenting them additional schooling and career advancement chances, not to mention overall health care rewards and even fairness in some cases. The majority of staff members resolved to make the W-2 transition, Sternberg stated, and the organization is no more time using the services of independent contractors. (Honor will not say how quite a few staff members it has.)

HomeHero stated this spring it would convert its contractors to staff members as nicely. All of HomeTeam’s staff members are W-2.