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How This Entrepreneur Grew His Company 57,000 Percent in 3 YearsWe are looking for our annual list of the top selection of the company’s culture. Feel you have what it takes? Apply Now ”

Before you ask, yes, it’s true: an entrepreneur (and his entrepreneurial team) can increase by 57,000% in just three years his business. His name is Tom Bilyeu. You can chew before some of his taskbar.

You may not have heard his name as often as you hear Richard Branson or Elon Musk, but he certainly completed; Bilyeu company, the pursuit of nutrition, is the fastest growing private US Bilyeu in the second enterprises also founded Epigenix, through proper diet that is committed to reverse the non-profit organization of genetic diseases, targeted exercise and other modern technologies. “Internal tasks,” Bilyeu online program, as discussed 加布里埃尔 Rees, Russell Simmons and Tony Robbins successful transition planning and passion.

As you know, Bilyeu is a busy guy. With his company’s vision, Bilyeu ran his various enterprises to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Nevertheless, I caught up with him and talked about his success, his goal, his chances of growth techniques.

1. Your story started when you realized your family was facing an obesity epidemic. Why were protein bars the solution?
Honestly, my story started as an entrepreneur. My business partner and I began to ask myself a different question. Instead of focusing on asking what is more profitable, we began to ask ourselves: Can we believe what (and like to do everyday), even if we fail?

At this time, we began to focus purely on value creation: building a business, and its main purpose is to create value for people. There is often attributed to Mother Teresa has resonated with me quote:. “No one will take a lot of action, but they will act as a” That’s my background for my passion for the mission of the task at the end of all metabolic it is a form of the disease. I’m in a morbidly obese family grew up watching it left me hungry and need to help people make the price change of emotion and life shortening. It is very clear to my partner, I think the traditional solution to obesity – eat less and exercise more – just not going to work for most of the world. Our goal is to create a people can choose according to taste food, which happens to be good for them.

This gives me energy , playing every day things that make it a reality is my family. I want to help the people I know and love . Protein bars are not the solution , they are only the first step , we always knew that. The reason we were there because it was the beginning of a purpose is a person who has been tried on healthy living products. There are not so amazing tasted a single shot on the market , but no sugar . So we know that there is the potential demand of the product – especially people on the planet for most fitness -focused .

And the reason we didn’t focus on home recipes or exercise plans is because if you’re really going to end metabolic disease you’ve got to tap into people’s desire to eat delicious food, rather than try to grow the exercise culture. Everyone is going to eat. Not everyone is going to go to the gym. So the obvious place to start is with making food good and good for you.

2. How did your family react to the protein bars you made in Quest’s early development?

They are made by them and us trying to build excitement , but like everyone else, they know they can do better . We have a “high-tech mentality” , we believe that the entire food industry need to be taken : you come up with a viable product as soon as possible , and then repeated , to make it better . In our recipes constantly , never-ending process of improvement is something really separate us from the rest of the food industry . But we hope it will not have been so long .

[ Now ] I think they all agree that they have continued to improve. Especially as we increased our innovative ingredients like our own manufacturing zero- sugar chocolate chips .

3. What kept you going when you experienced obstacles during the startup process?

It’s a mindset. At Quest, instead of a list of core values, we have a 25-point belief system. One of the points on the belief system is that any obstacle can be overcome. When you really believe that, when you hit a dead end, you get creative and try something new instead of shutting down and giving up.

4. What would you say drove most of Quest’s growth over the past few years?

First of all, amazing products . We have a huge R & D team to provide a primary , there is only one master : Metabolic truth. The team is hungry, driven , make new discoveries and to promote what people think it is possible to limit and food.

In addition , it has been interesting these days, what people really understand the brand . As a socially active and social awareness , and actively authentic desire to create value by helping others , and how to allocate marketing expenses , so that we can really achieve our audience , and in a way they understand their true understanding of driving . Our goal is not to launch our marketing products to the market ; which is largely built on its own , and provide valuable content. This is a big change in marketing, many companies are just now beginning to understand . We have been promoting the curve.

6. Many entrepreneurs dream of imitating Quest’s growth. What practices can they employ to help them do so? What practices should they avoid?

If they’re focusing on the growth, they’ve already lost. Instead, they should be focused on delivering value and evangelizing their customers at every possible touch point. Quest is driven by a mission, and that has led to some seriously counter-intuitive decisions, but those decisions let our customers know who we really are. So when we created our non-profit arm called Epigenix, which focuses on researching the intersection of diet and disease — specifically cancer — we sent a very clear signal internally and externally about what we’re all about, and what it means to support this brand.
Also, if you look we are working with ” internal tasks “, which is what a talk show podcast generations do , you can see that we are trying to enhance the brand connotation. We do not want to move the unit or drive sales . Income and growth of the company requires you to make a by-product of other options . All of these choices should focus on delivering value to the world . Honestly, that is . Do not over even just focus on delivering value to the customer. Looking for new customers real good fight for your task – no matter what it is. And man , oh , have a mission . Do not let your money task. This is a safe and reliable way to nowhere to go.

7. Where did you learn your growth techniques, and what were they?

Quest has been an exercise in human psychology. That’s why one of the main drivers behind our growth has always been our focus on social and content marketing.
Both forms of marketing is to understand the people to create real human connection between customers and brands . In today’s hyper-linking and social drivers in the world , the brand must ask and answer the question: What do we, as a real value to society ? Really resonate with us ? What makes a happy and feel connected ? This is what we think food is such an important way to begin to deal with the cause of global health crisis , or even part of it. The center of our emotional and cultural life ; food . It is so integral to our well-being , both mentally and physically.
Our main techniques all focus around understanding what it means to be a human living in today’s world. Authenticity. Connection. Transparency. That’s what people want in their brand relationships. It’s such an awesome time to be a brand if you legitimately like people and like the idea of being a servant leader. That’s why, to us, it makes all the sense in the world to make sure the content we produce (and we produce all of our own content in-house) addresses both the mind and the body. We want to prove to people every day that we’re invested in helping them succeed — no matter what their quest is. And that’s where the company gets its name. It’s not about us. It’s about them. The people who are loyal to our brand can feel that.

But we have to learn these techniques ? The main task is the reaction of the traditional way of doing business : determining a underserved niche in the market , and then use the profits and clever marketing niche. Focus on top-line revenue and EBITDA, leaving enough untapped market , so potential acquisitions became excited about what they can add to your business , then sell as much money as you can. We ‘ve played that game in the past , it just does not meet our character. We hope to have the purpose of what we do. We hope to have a global impact . Therefore , we focus on something else : to create value .

In addition, the company founded the company three of us have weird background . Ron comes from a family, no business background doctor ; Michael is a Iowa farm boy ; and I went to film school . About Nothing is a traditional business sense , but a new perspective led us to make a different choice.

The only honest answer to where we’ve learned our techniques is the School of Hard Knocks. All three of us are focused on learning. We never think of ourselves as having arrived or having figured it all out. We work to improve every day.

8. Do you feel that you’ve accomplished your goal of introducing healthy and delicious food to those who need it??
To answer this question , I will tell you my life story . Growing up, my mom and sister are deeply struggling with their weight . This is a battle so many people face , including myself. I used to be 60 pounds heavier. Since we have launched the company , my sister has lost more than 120 lbs . It is an amazing transformation. My mother , however , continue to struggle . This is a reminder that we have made ​​progress , but we also started a long and exciting journey . We have so much work to do. There are indications that we have left revolutionized many other food . However, our research and development team is working on it. Trust me. They’ve got the future will not change the food landscape. It’s very, very exciting .

9. What is your company’s culture like? How did you maintain that as you grew from a small team to what Quest is today?

There are three things that we look for in any team member. One – grand ambition; two — drive (the willingness to acquire the skills needed to realize your grand ambition); and three — compassion.

The Quest culture prioritizes personal development. We’re a driven group of individuals who understand that to accomplish our goals we’re going to need to constantly evolve and improve our individual and collective skill sets.

When you surround yourself with compassionate, like-minded and supportive people, you can have fun while pushing yourself to get better.
Maintenance and continuous development of your culture , when you’re growing at breakneck speed ( growth in the first three years we have made ​​57,000% , and we went to a team from a group of six 1400 ) is very difficult. When you were young , when you have multiple positions and teams distributed across multiple countries and continents do not translate the works . However , if you are true to your personal and corporate values, first of all your employees – even if your client ahead of time – you can make your way through the growing pains . You must be willing to embrace change and learn from your mistakes .

10. How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a busy entrepreneurial lifestyle at the same time?

This is really a question of values and identity. Everyone does exactly what’s important to them. Look at anyone’s life: the results that they’re getting reflect what they spend their time and energy on. It’s part of my identity to work out and eat right and to always learn and push myself. I could never become the person I want to be if I didn’t do that. Once I aligned my value system with what I try to accomplish, everything else fell into place. From there, it’s about time management and getting hyper-efficient and using “life hacks” whenever possible.

I go to bed early . My habits and practices as the decision to remove the fatigue . I exercise in the morning first thing to make sure I do not get tired or distracted before hitting the gym . I used my diet bright line – that means for me is there is no gray area . I know exactly what I would eat at every meal of the day. I have never ( except Saturdays ) from departing . Me and my results , to judge everything . If I do not get the results I want, I know I need to change my approach . I constantly develop my strategy , until I got the desired results.