Hype Machine Adding to the film’s release next month, the new Star Wars: The Force awakens posters landed, giving us more closer look at the five main roles.

While we have seen quite a bit of Finn John Boyega new posters give us a closer look at Kylo Ren, along with a look at Leia and Han Solo, as well as a scavenger Ray, played by Daisy Ridley.

Star Wars Force Awakens poster

Of course, there are many more characters in the new movie, old and new, and we still did not have to look at Luke Skywalker, but, but the release of these five They seem to indicate we are going after Han Solo, Ray, Finn and Kylo Ren quite closely in the film.

However, there is more than a month left before the release of the film on December 18 (17 December to the UK and Australia), so expect to see more character posters, trailers, goods and clips added to the Hype Machine in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can check out all five posters on the site Star Wars

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