Doodle makes it easy to plan things with friends, colleagues, who – but planning is not the only thing you need to organize an event. Thus, the company also linked its instruments to the process of invitation, by rolling out integration of paperless communication.

Doodle CEO Michael Brecht said that it is the first big American partnership in Zurich, the company’s headquarters, and one that could enter the service of planning for many new users.

For those of you who have not used it, Doodle is the dead simple service I’ve seen in the coordination of schedules. Brecht proposed a plan can be a great help for some users Paperless Post, who want to send out invitations, but not completely blocked the date or time.

“There’s a kind of lag time when people want to send their cards out, but you must first set the date,” he said. “Now they can close the gap, thanks to Doodle.”

The integration works in both directions, he added – you can schedule something on Doodle, and then send the invitation via Paperless Post, or you can send an invite Paperless Post, which includes a link to the survey Doodle. And you can interview the participants about the problems of non-schedule as the venue of the event or the food that you serve.

“Our goal is to help people connect in the real world, and we believe that our partnership with Doodle allow this to happen more effectively and more often,” said CEO James Hirschfeld Paperless Post in an emailed statement.

Brecht hopes to launch more integration in the near future, in fact, taking Doodle for its website and (recently launched) mobile applications and turning it into a planning / selective layer on other services.

“My goal is to see, like Doodle functionality for any site to help … bring groups of people together,” he said.

And while this new integration can highlight social utility Doodle in Brecht sees it as a tool for productivity. In fact, he had just published a book of performance, the e-book compilation of advice from experts 30 performance.