Drone manufacturer DJI and Canonical, the corporate entity for the distribution Ubuntu Linux, today announced the launch of a collector, a small built-in computer that is optimized for creating applications for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Manifold fits only the top 100 Matrice platform DJI, so do not expect to put this on your phantom rumble. For $ 3300 Matrice 100 essentially flying platform developer DJI, with the possibility to implement the hardware, such as sensors and custom manifolds.

Manifold 1 Inside, the manifold has a quad-core ARM Cortex A-15 processor and NVIDIA Kepler-based GPU. GPU, obviously, did not have to make a plan, but its use of image processing and parallel computing.

This, DJI claims will allow “new artificial application of intelligence, such as computer vision and deep learning.” The computer also has a standard USB and Ethernet ports for connecting cameras, infrared studies of atmospheric devices, surveying equipment, and other sensors. It also Port HDMI for connecting monitors.

“with variety, we are entering a new era of smarter, faster and more powerful lifting platforms. The Collector opens up for air and ground equipment competently work together to solve complex problems,” said Michael Perry, director DJI strategic partnership today statement. “We are excited to see what our application developer community will come up with for this new platform.”

Considering cooperation with Canonical, it is not surprising that the computer will work in Ubuntu (in this case, version 14.04 Long Term Support).

Manifold 4