Some people applying for disability benefits to wonder if they still qualify if they smoke, drink, use drugs, or are (or were) in prison. Here we will discuss what social security is looking at to make a decision on disability.

Many applicants smoking, and it may not affect your application, that all the lots. However, if your disability is emphysema or COPD, or other breathing disorder, which is probably due to your bad habit, Social Security will ask if you have tried to quit smoking. Those who came out of habit or to drastically reduce smoking are much more likely to be approved for disability. Those who know about the harmful effects of smoking on their body, but do not cut down at all frowned upon and may have their claims denied, if there are no other diseases.

When it comes to alcohol and drug addictions, social welfare system have completely changed in the last decade or so. There used to be a list that will allow those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs to be approved under the argument that they had uncontrollable addiction. Nevertheless, social security realized that these recipients were probably with the help of taxpayers’ money, or disability checks to feed their habits. So welfare change everything. Now, if it is determined that the applicant has a “substantial share” with drugs or alcohol, they do not have.

That being said, if an applicant has a disability that may, possibly related to alcohol or drugs, but it is doubtful whether there is still a chance of being approved for disability (eg, hepatic failure). These situations are sometimes difficult to prove, but it happens quite often.

If the applicant applies for Social Security disability benefits while in prison, he probably will not affect his or her claim for disability much, if the period of disability is not a relative the same period, as the man was in prison. For example, if the applicant said that he was disabled for three years and spent a month in prison, social security will be considered during the time before and after imprisonment. If the applicant says he was off for two years, and most of this period was held in prison, welfare may reject the claim. Generally speaking, a person is not eligible for disability benefits until he or she is in jail or prison.

If a person is already receiving benefits spend time in prison, and time less than a year, Social Security disability benefit will pause only during this time period. When a person is released, benefits will start automatically. If the period of time during the year, however, one must re-start the process and again.

Another thing to note is that the severity of the crime, he or she had been convicted in May are related to social security. For example, using or selling drugs is likely to lead to failure.

Regardless of the situation you’re in, and wherever you are in luck.