Design Menu

The Design Menu allows you to edit your Mobile Roadie Apps Theme, colors, button layout and more!

Your Theme

The Overall Theme and button layout can be viewed and edited in this location of the CMS. Pro App packages and core customers with the Advanced Design Package will see many more options for Themes and button layouts, styles and colors



The Global area houses options which affect your entire App. These Global options include the colors throughout the App and the order in which the Build Menu Sections will display inside of your Mobile Roadie App.


  • The Color scheme of your App can be edited using our default themes from the drop down menu, or by changing the color of individual locations (such as navigation bars, text, rows, and more) using the CUstomize Individually option.

Arrange Sections

  • Arranging the order of your Build Menu Sections is available in this location of the CMS. Using the gripper Handles to drag/drop each Section into the desired location. Sections can be hidden or unhidden by dragging them and dropping them under the corresponding headings.

Smartphone, iPad, Mobile Web

  • Home Styles  Customize your app’s header and background image in this section
  • Navigation Styles – This section is where you can customize your navigation buttons and icons
  • Interior Styles – Customize the look of the interior sections of your app
  • Backgrounds – Upload and choose your own background images.
  • Pre-Roll Video (iPhone Only) The pre-roll video is a premium option that will allow you to launch a short video clip when your users open your app. Please note that it will only appear on iPhones.
  • Widgets (iPad Only) – The sections of your iPad app, widgets can be either dynamic or static, custom or from a set designed by our team.
  • Interior Navigation (iPad Only) – Here is where you can customize the look of the navigation bar in interior sections.