It seems that the technical support staff working in some of the major PC vendors advise clients to avoid upgrading their systems, Windows 10.

This news comes courtesy of Notebook, who revealed the fact, and undercover calls to the line of support in the opening of the technical support function.

When talking to Dell and HP support representatives on the phone, laptop said they were against raising advised to OS Windows 10. In fact, HP Fellow recommended rollback OS Windows 8.1, as part of his or her decision.

Another Dell recommends that you roll back to a previous version of Windows, when dealing with the challenge of the problems of the touchpad on a laptop – that the officer also noted that Dell received “tons” of support calls about Windows 10.

Big Push

Of course all this is rather at odds with the current massive push from Microsoft, the new OS to be downloaded and installed on the client machine. Windows 10 make or break for the company after the flop Windows 8.

All Windows 7 and Windows 8 can not help but notice that Windows 10 updates reminders appear regularly, and in fact intends to press the Redmond operating system as recommended Pack in the early stages of next year (keep in mind, those of you who do not manually update your veterinarian).

However, technical support reps need to get their work, with Windows 10 being so new – and perhaps difficult with older hardware – sometimes the simplest solution is to just go back to the previous version of the operating system where everything works

In any case, the sooner you move to a new operating system, the more. gambling is -., obviously, as time goes by, more and more problems are encountered in the earlier adopters to settle, and smooth operating system becomes

In Windows 10, it is also worth thinking about the new installation, in contrast from the in-place upgrade over the existing installation of Windows. Clean install from scratch, are less likely to encounter problems

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