PostGhost was a nascent web page that archived the tweets of the well known, loaded, and important. The website obtained preferred for finding and storing the deleted Tweets of politicians and even Lindsay Lohan who plead with the English PM to #remain.

“We made the web page to provide the public with a more correct background of public statements manufactured by the most influential public figures on Twitter. We believe that PostGhost offers a fairer and more clear way of allowing for people today to keep public figures accountable than Politwoops, a web page that Twitter has recently reauthorized to publish selected deleted tweets,” wrote the creators.

Twitter emailed the team threatening to shut down their API entry for the criminal offense of exhibiting deleted Tweets. This criminal offense, which could be traced to European details deletion regulations and/or a motivation to improve the basic reputation of the evanescent Tweet, is banned by Twitter’s phrases of provider.


There are two educational institutions of imagined when something like this comes about. The initially is that it is Twitter’s prerogative to censor nearly anything and all the items. It is their sandbox and we just participate in in it.

The second faculty of imagined says that Twitter is free-riding on our time and interest and in trade for that they should do the job with their viewers and people in a sane way. General public figures say stupid items all the time and, in some situations, its massively important that they aren’t allowed to delete their beliefs especially in matters of condition. Even though it is not important that J.K. Rowling deleted a politically charged Tweet it is important that Rep. Joe Walsh deleted an incitement to race war.

PostGhost notes that its targets are all public figures and that they can be expecting a amount of privateness right until they Tweet out to tens of millions of followers.

“Of study course, not every Twitter person should have their deleted tweets recorded – most individuals use Twitter as a own account, and we firmly agree with Twitter’s commitment to their privateness,” wrote the PostGhost admins. “However, Twitter maintains a record of public figures termed confirmed people – about .05% of their person base – for whom Twitter acts as an outsized, instantaneous megaphone to achieve large quantities of followers.”

Interestingly the website only existed for a couple of days – launching July six – just before giving up the ghost. Web sites like Politiwoops are nonetheless functioning simply because they have a more tacit understanding with Twitter. Turning the firehose upon politicians and public figures, evidently, isn’t component of that understanding.


Highlighted Image: Bryce Durbin