Rather than touch and swipes that power most of our screen-based computing devices, many of the major Apple Watch features – like checking the time -. Eat with gestures

Use gestures as a user interface may seem a novelty for many, but, from the research we’ve done over the last six months, it’s a game-changer – a lot of data and ideas, we have gathered a panel Wristly more than 2,400 Apple Watch users confirm this .

The theft of the “eye” to share with the iPhone

The majority of the panel tested its notice through regular hours, which by definition means they are not looking for this information on your mobile phone:

“I realized that I have come to rely on the watch for all my Notifs / views. I do not even know anymore how I would get from just my phone.”

“With each text message notifications Facebook, e-mail notification I get to decide if he needed my attention without my phone.”

In fact, more than 90 percent of our panel said that they use their iPhone less often now that they have Apple Watch

“Every time I’m not fishing for my phone, I love my Apple Watch more.”

Actual numbers back it up. Over the last month, Wristly collaborated with Kevin Holesh, creator of the date an application that monitors the use of the iPhone. More than 200 participants in the debate have installed the application and provided their data tracking logs. Wristly opposed to their relative use for the owners, not Apple, clock, as stipulated time.


We have found that on average, Apple Watch user uses his or her iPhone a little more than non-Apple Watch users: 26+ percent more time in the day. This data point can be explained by the stage of development of the market, causing the user to determine the Apple Watch among experienced users of mobile; Similarly, the owners of a new iPhone 6c to consume more than the old iPhones users. Other market research companies such as Kantar and measuring these differences.

But what a shrewd and somewhat contradictory to that data point is that the same owners of Apple Watch for opening / pick up your iPhone, at least 20 percent less than the owners do not-Apple, clock.

This value is an anecdotal report from our group; wear Apple Watch helps reduce the number of notifications and interruptions from your iPhone, and allows users to remain focused on what is happening at the moment. And as more mainstream consumers start wearing Apple Watch, we can extrapolate that, with time, it will help users spend less time glued to their mobile screens.

Siri: Apple Watch Vocal Killer App

Our group is logically divided high utilization Siri and other voice features of Apple Watch. In early June, the survey measured 65 percent of users reporting the use of its more than expected. We recently noted that the text of the voice was the second favorite way to respond to incoming messages. He also regularly collects rave reviews from our participants, when asked about their experience with Siri on the Apple Monitor

“Walk down the street with a cup of coffee in each hand, I was able to raise my wrist a little bit and say,” Hey, Siri challenge … without installing the coffee down and without having to touch the clock at all! “

“scheduled haircut on my iPhone, raising dinner … I lifted my wrist,” Hey Siri … and it was done. Love those little moments. “

This seamless coordination of voice and movement creates a user experience that will be extremely hard to beat competitors -. Especially those that have an integrated hardware / software platform

Gestures + voice = Hands Free = Social Good

In addition to the practicality of using Apple Watch some cases, the use (for example, checking notifications), have a positive social effect of hands-free computer interface:

“I think it helps me keep my iPhone into a pocket and stay more active in speaking / work on a daily basis, and this is what I like most about him.”

“Catching a letter while each and yelled at to be always on my phone. A little wave of the hand can be done without attracting attention.”

There are, of course, an additional safety feature that ensures UX, too. In the end, the National Safety Council believes that there are more than 1.5 million per year falls attributable to the use of mobile phones while driving:

“Being able to drive in my car and not have to take my phone out of his pocket, opened it, and open the application I want to use. I can check the weather quickly and easily while driving.”

If Apple Watch can put even a small dent in those numbers, it’s a great thing.

This “Day 1” sign

Who would have thought that a simple flick of the wrist will be a killer app? Nevertheless, there is much more potential for gesture-UX of Apple Watch. – And in the coming months will certainly bring many more third-party applications that will take full advantage of it