Over the past few months, McDonald’s enlisted star social media Crawford Collins promote its all-day breakfast on Instagram, Oxygen TV ran a campaign with a widely used Sarah Hopkins Snapchat, and Cox enrolled Vine star Cody Jones to make a short, looping video on behalf of

Behind all this, it is unlikely Orchestrator: .. Twitter

Yes, Twitter, Vine holder, periscope, and Twitter dot com . The company works with advertisers to develop marketing campaigns in a variety of social media platforms – whether it belongs to Twitter or not – and it pays to do so. Efforts to nine months, is intended to press the alternative sources of income for the company, which is struggling to meet the high expectations placed upon it in the open markets. And it helps Twitter to earn more money from their own properties in the process.

The strength of this work is a niche, a little discussion of Twitter acquired in February. Niche, all 30 people at the time of purchase, services and technologies is that surgery helps advertisers to create content that works on social media -. Format many struggle to understand

“the number one question we get asked marketers” What should we say? ” “Twitter’s senior director of global brand strategy, Ross Hoffman, who led the acquisition of a niche, said Buzzfeed News.

Niche answers this question by connecting advertisers with more than 16,000 social media” authorities “on their platform, and helping them to develop campaign who often work in a variety of social media.

Niche attracts these authorities, providing them with analytics for all their social accounts, and then forwards them to offer to get paid to create sponsored content. The company’s software helps her find the correct authorities for each advertiser, and manage approvals, creative direction, and payment.

“They should be able to tell a story,” said Nisha co-founder Rob Fishman advertisers. “Niche helps them to take care of a large part of this pipeline. [We help] them to discover which of these the creators of the best speakers for them – we have to deal with all contacts, scheduling referees. And then we help them deliver all this amazing slate of assets that are truly original, compelling, social, digital, mobile first content for your brand. “

model works particularly well for ads without the Vine, which has developed a unique culture of its own and can be difficult to detect in, if you are not “of” the platform – like most advertisers. Work with a niche to find the Wine Star, ready to pitch products helps advertisers deliver their message in a mode that is actually running on the platform. It also takes some pressure off Twitter, force-fed to insert ads in the vine. Twitter Hoffman said main objective of the company with Vine now, to build a great user experience, but added: “It’s a good thing that we can do in the interim.” Before ads come to viticulture, that is, if they are in everything.

When advertisers run campaigns with influential on the vine, they also often contribute to this video sponsored tweets on Twitter proper. Darren Lachtman, who founded a niche with Fishman said that he had seen a growing interest from advertisers in the promotion of vines in this way. “Pre-acquisition, it was a very small percentage,” he said. “Now that most of them.”

By bringing their work on Twitter, Nisha also benefited from greater sales and engineering teams, which helped him to find more people to sell and build your software more quickly. The figures – provided Buzzfeed News and released here for the first time – to offer a device benefiting both sides. Since the acquisition, the average deal size gap is up to 250% of its monthly volume of up to 300% campaign, and it has added nearly 10,000 social media influencers to its original base of 6200. The company also doubled its size and recruiting international teams in England, Japan and Brazil.

You can imagine that there would be some wariness on Twitter about putting money into other social platforms with the help of a niche. But this is not the case, according to Hoffman. “I understand when people from the outside can be a bit doubtful saying:” How can you not be biased, you Twitter, you have the vine, you must Periscope, would not you funnel everything through there? “He said, but the reason for this program works so well precisely because the niche is cross-platform, social media stars know that they maximize their profits. “If all of a sudden, after a niche becomes part of Twitter, they begin to see,” I earn less income, “they are going to connect the dots and they are not going to be too happy with us.”

If anything, showing ads on other social platforms can only help Twitter, as the company will start to see a decline in revenues not otherwise would have no claim to.

Cody Jones, Social Influencer are created Vine sponsor for Coca-Cola, and shared it with his 3.6 million followers, was wrong with the business model of the niche, he signed as a creative ambassador of the company. Today, he makes his living solely from social media and this helps to Twitter, to create the kind of content that advertisers would pay to promote. “I am a living example of what the creator can aspire to be, which makes living by making their messages in social networks,” he said Buzzfeed News. This is a victory for him, and for the bottom line on Twitter.