Crucial revealed its new SSD BX200, 2,5-inch hard drive, which is aimed at consumers and small and medium-sized businesses.

SSD-drive comes in three capacities :. 240GB, 480GB and offering 960GB for those who really need the space, as well as the rate of

With regard to the basic statistics, Crucial claims that his new piece of solid witchcraft hits sequential read and write speeds of up to 540MB / s and 490MB / s, respectively, with a random read and write speeds up to 66K IOPS 78K and respectively.

In addition, the company says, energy storage compared to a spinning hard drive, with the BX200 be 40 times more energy when they tested the model against the traditional 960GB hard disk 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue.

BX200 also uses the controller Silicon Motion SM2256, and Robert Fan, vice president and general manager of Silicon Motion USA, commented. “We are excited about our latest partnership with Crucial to the new SSD BX200 Our high performance and SM2256 low power controller in combination with Micron 16nm NAND TLC helps make the BX200 reliable, fast, energy-efficient and affordable. ”

As for the price, it will not break the bank, as the 240GB Crucial drive sells for £ 66.99 ($ ​​84.99 in the US, accounting for about AU $ 120), and the 480GB model is £ 116.99 ( $ 149.99 in the US, accounting for about AU $ 210), with the upper end of the 960GB SSD works £ 234.99 ($ ​​299.99 in the US, which is about $ 420 AU).

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