Computer users now have a lot more choices when it comes to storing information than before

Gone tape and disk drives; free and available for cloud storage, thumb-size USB flash drives, removable card barely larger than a thumbnail, pocket hard drives, optical discs, worth a penny and incredibly-fast solid-state drives are the components of a thriving ecosystem of storage space.

Now we want to know how you keep your stuff online or offline, traditional hard drives or flash drives flashy and we collected a short survey to help us learn.

We ‘Re distribute Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay NAS review to one lucky reader a prize worth more than £ 350. We gave him a respectable four stars when it was considered in September. We found that an 8 TB Network Attached Storage device, aimed primarily at the consumer market, it was an excellent software.

Now, if you want to be lucky, and then complete the survey (link below) to enter the sweepstakes. Only UK residents over 18 years old can take part in the competition, but everyone can participate. The contest will close at 11:59 PM 26 November 2015, and the winner will be selected on 27th.