Enter the software in the first place that the hyper-converged infrastructure is all about . Equipment, this time takes a back seat, which is concerned that some of the more traditional players.

Combining standard equipment with smart software to produce a self-sustaining system guided by the SDS (software-defined software) motto.

Not surprisingly, that has led to the disruption of the business model of the few in the market, but also provided some interesting opportunities for decision-makers and WHO globally.

How are you hyper?

We want to learn more about your hyper-convergent plans, if you have, and we invite you to a business lunch somewhere around London Paddington, to discuss your thoughts and do a little networking.

Complete our short survey below, and you may even win a sphero BB-8 droid, the one that appears in the Star Wars :. Episode VII, and one that you can control with your smartphone

More importantly, we will produce a summary report based on the collected data, which could give you a better understanding of one of the most popular destinations in the last decade in the business .

only to UK residents over 18 years old can participate in the contest but everyone can participate. The contest will close at 11:59 PM, November 20, 2015, and the winner will be selected on 21st.