Each new product coming to market is looking for an angle, it can be effectively used as a single point of sale, and the new 4K Monitors AOC to try to differentiate themselves in terms of its size.

Of course, most of 4K displays a fairly significant matter, but the AOC U2477PWQ screen is 23.6 inches, which means it is more likely to fit on a cramped desk, or similar environments where space is at a premium.

The fact that its 3840 x 2160 pixels crammed into a 23.6-inch screen also makes for a higher pixel density than your average 4K monitor, and thus even sharper picture, which is never a bad thing.

AOC PLS panel used here strong color uniformity and accuracy, with 100% coverage SRGB color gamut, and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees not both horizontally and vertically.

This means that an 8-bit color panel is suitable for the professional use of such graphic designers, as well as for photo and video editing.

Look, Mom, no flicker

Other notable specifications include basic brightness of 300 cd / m2 and response time of 4 ms (gray to gray) means that it’s not so bad for the game. You also get “off” technology, which, as the name implies reduces any flicker to give the user’s eyes easily things.

Ports: U2477PWQ include 2.0 input HDMI (with support for MHL) and DisplayPort 1.2 port along with DVI.

If you feel the temptation of placing compact 4K, you’ll be pleased to hear what he has to go on sale before the end of November, retail £ 289 (about $ 440, AU $ 620).