Parents seeking to manage their children’s Internet use and time of the screen there is a new version with today’s launch of the Circle with Disney, a hardware device that works in conjunction with the application IOS, which allows moms and dads to filter web content, set “bedtime”, block ads, view the ideas and history of use, and even suspend the Internet completely.

In addition, an independent company established cooperation with Disney to use its trade mark and access to select Disney short form content including trailers, videos, games, social media postings, promotions and much more.

This content comes from all Disney properties, including Pixar, Star Wars, Disney Animation Studios, Vinylmation, and Babble content network and is available through the company MyCircle function. In fact, this is a personal web panel for each family member, where you can view your own settings, usage and timing, as well as viewing age-appropriate content of Disney, including videos, music, games, GIF, blogs and more.

Founded about two and a half years ago, the range of media led a team of three, CEO Jelani Memory, a former creative consultant, photographer, videographer, and; Technical Director Zhang Tiebing; and Lance Charlish.

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Memory, a parent of six-year-old daughter he realized firsthand the challenges parents face today in the multi-screen, always on the world.

“[My daughter] has its own Ipad,” says memory. “I remember when she was two, she was able to grab my iPhone, unlock it, and to find the application. And I realized, all bets were off,” he says, laughing.

While there are many parental control solutions on the market, ranging from the blocked web browsers and specialized routers connected devices, software applications, and moreover, the problem with many of these options is that they are non-misleading Technical parents, poorly designed or only work to manage and control the use of a single device or platform.

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Circle with Disney, however, offers parents a holistic view of your home network and devices, and must not be connected to your router, much less serve as a replacement for your curretnt router.

Instead, a small device works without wires and can be charged via the power cord or the MicroUSB. Collecting device keeps online a couple of days, so you do not have to hide it from the office to your other network equipment. And “on” button is a button to “turn off” just in case your kids are sneaky.

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Meanwhile, all that you are doing with the help of the Circle through applications IOS.

Unlike some other apps I tested in recent days, including equipment and applications combo called KoalaSafe and kid safe browser from Mobicip, comes with a range of age-filter can be switched on without a lot of monkeys around with its settings. These filters include :. Preschoolers (0-5) ages, toddler (6-12), teenagers (13-17) and adults (18 and above)

The application will provide default settings that are suitable for these ages that parents can adjust further, if they choose.

The circle also competes with new safe for the child routers as the brightness and the torch, family shield OpenDNS, and more traditional software products.

In addition to Web filtering component, the circle can also block the application from work – if installed, the application can be opened but not used. And parents can set a time limit on Web use, or specifically on the application or content categories. They may also set a “sleep”, which will disable all the devices on the Internet until the next morning.

Parents can also suspend the Internet, including access to the stopping only for a specific device. Call it a modern “time out.”

But the company does not want to be thought of as “pure nanny,” we said.

“One of the things we despise Circle here called” parental control. “The circle is much more than that,” says memory. “What we do wise to filter only one part of what we do.”

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Another key feature of the software is the Circle of his “ideas”, which shows how each family member spends his time on the site platform, category, and website and the day, week and month. The idea is not only to give parents about what children are doing, but also help spark conversations about those activities and interests of the child.

And because negative content is blocked, this debate is not disciplinary in nature, but may actually be positive.

“Parents have no idea how children spend their time online, and almost always see it as a negative … they are on Facebook too much. Maybe it’s true, but my parents do not really data to support that up, “explains memory.

And who knows, maybe the parents will better understand their own web habits and addictions, as they use a circle with their children. (Of course, they can choose the filtering, if they choose.)

Circle with Disney hardware device is $ 99 and is the first product that circle Media hopes will be a set of hardware and software products for the connected households in the future.

The company, based in Portland, based on the $ 1.5 million in angel funding.