Sometimes a new changes, such as plug-ins or updating is not compatible with your current theme. Usually, this is not compatible, you will not be able to enter the administration area to switch topics. This can give you a recurring problem, you need to change the subject in order to get into the Management Zone. In this case, you need to use it directly in the database. This article will guide you how to do that in your wordpress web site.

Changing your theme within phpMyadmin

step.1     Login into your cpanel interface

step.2    Search the database for the category, and then click the phpmyadmin icon.Once in the phpmyadmin is looking forward in                        left side bar, and then click your specific wordpress database.
step.3   From there, select wp options table.
step.4   Once you open the table, see the on-screen menu tab, and then click the Browse tab on the tab. This allows you to browse the                  column into the page. Click Show all tabs at the top, this will list all of the columns on a page.
step.5   Next, you need to find the two lines on the page, templates and style sheets. Select the template and click the “Edit” link.
step.6   This will allow you to edit the page, where we will change the data value. In our example, the value is set to the alexandira. step.7   Change it to the default twentythirteen theme name, and then click the Go button at the bottom of the page.
step.8   The same procedure in the style sheet. When you complete the style sheet, and return to the list, you will see a new theme of                   the value of the two. Now you can access your web site and see that it is using the default theme. In this case, you should also                   be able to log in to your WP management area.