Top 3d printers

Note: Our best 3D printers raid was completely renovated. This feature was first published in May 2015.

3D printers print of 3D-models, in a process called Additive Manufacturing or AM. This process uses computer control to lay the successive layers of material to build 3D-model.

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) and more environmentally friendly PLA (polylactic acid or polylactide) Both plastics are the most common materials used, but most of almost any material can be printed, from food to metal just not necessarily at home.

The most widely used in 3D printing .stl file that can be exported from most 3D modeling and scanning applications. As the creation of 3D-models yourself you can download a huge selection of sites like Makerbot in.

As with the resolution and the size of the usual 2D printers are all important. High resolution will produce higher quality printing than the low one, and a large bed printing can be more comfortable allowing their facilities to print in one go, instead of printing division for several parts.

If you are Re, at the market of home 3D-printer, that is a lot to consider: one color, double, or more, you need 3D-scanner, the physical size and weight is always a problem if space is at a premium, high quality and fast printing, and of course, price. Here we take a look at the top ten based on price.

Best 3D Printers

1. CubePro Trio

Best in three colors, three print material in an incredible price

Price: About £ 3075 / $ 4299
Buy Amazon | Swabs | Nigel O’Hara | Cubify

The main part of the home 3D printers are limited to one or two color printing, but CubePro Trio has the ability to print three different materials in a single session. This can be especially useful if you want to create a closed mechanism. Nylon can be used for transmission, ABS and to surround the support structure for the PLA, which can then be dissolved in caustic soda. CubePro is the ideal solution for modelers and engineers who need to create a 3D printing with movable parts.

best 3d printer

Best 3D Printers

2. AirWolf 3D HD2x

is recommended to double-off press

Price: £ 2685 / $ 3995
Buy Amazon | AirWolf 3D

AirWolf 3D HD2x smooth multi material printer is designed with prototypes in her heart. Double material and color printing make this printer stand, as does the huge 11 “x 8” x 12 “Print area, ideal for prototyping. Features floor gated to protect the plastic in the printing process and the absolute convenience of printing files can be loaded at once from the SD Autonomous printing without a computer. A great choice for product designers who need to print a large bed and a choice of colors and material

best 3d printer

Best 3D Printers

3. MakerBot Replicator 3D printer (5th generation)

Great for education of a higher level

Price: £ 2,639, $ 2,899
Buy:. RoboSavvy | Amazon | MakerBot

Makerbot are one of the most famous manufacturers of 3D printers, and it’s all because of the Replicator It was one of the first industrial printers look like conventional product, and not something that was built in a garage. Its ease of use, high quality printing and automatic calibration features make this a popular choice. Now, on the 5th generation semi body, smooth design and a huge public support to make it very tempting option for those who are in the education market as well as high-end home enthusiasts.

See the best MakerBot® Replicator 3D printer (5th generation) Deals

best 3d printer

Ultimaker 2 Go

4. Ultimaker 2 Go

High resolution compact printer

Price: £ 1,070 / $ 1450
Buy Robo Savvy | Ebuyer |. 3D Gbire

Ultimaker 2 take print quality to a new level with an incredible minimum layer height only 20 microns Currently, joined by two models – the extended, high version, and more which is a small compact edition . The Go is currently one of the smallest 3D printers on the market with a footprint only 258 x 250 x 287.5mm, making it the ideal desktop printer.

Unlike the other two models Ultimaker no heated bed printing which does limit compatible materials in a PLA. Print quality, and with a number of Ultimaker, is a fine and still hard to match any other fused deposition models (FDM) printer.

best 3d printer

Best 3D Printers

5. Wanhao D5S Large

Ideal for high-prints

Price: £ 1,596.00 / $ 2373
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print size is a consistent issue for printers, so if you want more printing often means splitting their models in different sections, and then fixing them together later Wanhao has a decent size print. Base 29cm x 19cm, but it is the height of 59cm, it really stands out. Wanhao have heated bed printing, so it is best to use a PLA member for the fine print, and not of strong plastic ABS, but if you’re at a Glance printing, construction, or simply want to print large the price exceptional.

best 3d printer

Best 3D Printers

6. SeeMeCNC – Orion

Amazing view and an additional touch pad

Price: £ 1,320.00 / $ 1964
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SeeMCNC Orion takes a different approach to most other printers 3D mechanism that sees the printhead suspended between 3 feet, it also has a round, rather than the more common bed printing. Watching is to create a print is spectacular. This printer also packs in a heated bed printing and the ability to be controlled using based Android-MatterControl Touch Pad. This is the choice if you want something a little different.

best 3d printer

Ooznest PRUSA i3

7. Ooznest Prusa i3

DIY 3D-printer

Price: £ 450 / $ 785
Buy Ooznest | PRUSA3D

The vast majority of 3D printers have evolved from the open hardware community versions of the original RepRap project. Prusa i3 currently is the ultimate example of the full guide builder available online for free.

However, rooting around electrical stores and copy part of the old printer is not everyone’s idea of ​​a good time, so guys Ooznest collected a complete set, ready to go, or at least will be as soon as you create it.

Build times vary depending on experience and the kit comes with clear instructions on the process of assembly. After the print quality is set to rival that of many printers is twice as expensive, and a great thing because you ‘ve built yourself, you can really feel how the technology works and how it can be improved.

best 3d printer

Best 3D Printers


One for work and home

Price: £ 1,140.00 / $ 1643
Buy RoboSavvy | Amazon | Go 3D printing

In general, 3D printers are designed with the purpose of the box, but the printer BeeTheFirst created both print quality and the actual design in mind that this is a machine that does not. It looks out of place in any modern living room. They also thought about how and where people will want to use their printers at work, home or both, so that incorporated thin design with a handle that allows the printer to be easily removed and transported.

best 3d printer

Best 3D Printers

9. LulzBot Mini 3D printer

is recommended for true home printing enthusiast

Price: £ 925 / $ 1350
Buy: Amazon | Lulzbot

LulzBot printers are based on an open-source community, and printers and the company reflect this spirit of 3D printed parts are part of the construction of the printer, and while it is a good confirmation of his dumping. Project Origin, it also gives the printer a little street cred, and not to leave quality. The compact size and 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm x 15.8cm print area of ​​small and exceptional price make this the perfect home printer.

best 3d printer

XYZprinting Nobel 1.0

10. XYZprinting Nobel 1.0

available printers SLA

Price: £ 1175 / $ 1499
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Nobel 1.0 Features Stereolithography printing technology (SLA), 3D, a process capable of producing prints far more detail than more general process Fused deposition modeling (FDM). Nobel 1.0 produces excellent print quality and is supported by XYZprinting-x. Proper software and excellent support

However, this technology is more common in professional 3D printing industry as a high quality comes at a price – the resin is expensive, the choice of materials is limited, when printing slowly and each model requires both cleaning and setup to complete. But if you can ignore the time necessary to obtain a final seal Nobel 1.0 is a high quality 3D-capable printer in a large price.