Microsoft continues to “cloud first mobile first” strategy, announcing that the new Windows 10 universal app is available for free Box download in Windows Store. The product is the result of a partnership announced in April to Microsoft Corp.

The new application integrates with Windows 10 file palette that enables users to Microsoft Office, to save Word, Excel and PowerPoint, the files directly in the cloud Box. Just double-click the file in the appropriate application opens the Box app Windows. For more effective collaboration at work on shared files, box also integrates with Windows 10 to send notification of changes.

You can also use the new application to send and share links to specific files so that you do not have to deal with large e-mail attachments. In addition, there is also a preview function, so you can view your files Office, PDF-files and photos in Box without having to download the content.

Going the extra mile

Box Integration with Microsoft goes further than rival Dropbox. For a start, Dropbox does not have a native Windows 10 Market yet.

Dropbox integration with Office Online also accompanied Box online. Nevertheless, I could not find the same feature to create documents Office, under the new Box app for integration into Windows 10. Boxes of Windows 10 also makes it easier to save and select the files to be used with other products Windows.

Both services compete with clouds OneDrive Microsoft. Microsoft has made a controversial decision recently when it reversed its decision to offer unlimited storage.


Box told ZDNet, that an application for Windows Mobile 10 users will be available within a few weeks of the launch platform. 10 Windows Mobile is currently available as part of a public beta for insiders Windows.

“With the new app, users can easily access, manage and collaborate on their Box content in all their Windows 10 PCs and tablets,” said Duncan Fisher, Mobile Manager Applications goods on the box, in a statement.

box application works with the individual, business or corporate accounts.

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