boring static images more fiercely against the video? Then Boomerang might be for you. The new standalone app from Instagram explosion takes five photos in the press a button, then stitches them together into a second film.

video plays back and forth rather than just stopping at the end of the cycle, or as GIF, so it’s a little different.

Your creation is automatically saved to your camera, and can be easily placed on Instagram or with Facebook and elsewhere.

This is every bit as simple as most Instagram, it just gives you a new way to capture and share experiences.

overload application

The only downside is you have to get a whole new program to do this, if you have invested in Instagram ever -growing number of applications (such as Hyperlapse and Layout), may soon start to clutter up your phone.

Boomerang is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

  • There’s a whole world of great iPhone apps.