Microsoft has issued a intense danger warning about a new virus posing as a Home windows Stability Necessities installer. The malware displays a bogus blue display screen of dying with a ‘technical support’ phone selection.

Callers could be tricked into downloading added viruses and malware, or the scammer could need an fast payment to ‘fix’ the problem (which doesn’t exist).

The warning comes just times right after Microsoft unveiled the benefits of a survey in which two-thirds of respondents claimed slipping target to a tech help scam.

Hicurdismos works by using an icon very similar to Microsoft’s personal, but not identical. The file identify and description are also different

The malware, named Hicurdismos, downloads a file named setup.exe with an icon very similar to the genuine Stability Necessities castle. When run, it hides the mouse pointer to make you consider your Pc has stopped responding. It also disables the task manager so you can not near it. The blue error information is essentially just an graphic displayed across the total display screen.

Actual Home windows error messages hardly ever include phone quantities, and fatal faults (which generate the infamous blue display screen) can ordinarily be settled with a very simple reboot. Hicurdismos provides by itself to Windows’ checklist of startup courses, so it seems once again when you restart your machine.

As with any malware, the very first line of defence from Hiscurdismos is caution – only download application from trustworthy resources, and maintain an eye out for courses and shortcuts that surface unexpectedly. You ought to also use an antivirus resource that gets automated updates and provides true-time defense, like Home windows Defender or Avira Free Antivirus, which will detect and remove new threats as quickly as they are uncovered.

If your Pc has now been compromised, you’ll need to have a bootable protection resource that runs before Home windows starts off. Kaspersky Rescue Disk and Avira Rescue System are great alternatives, but notice that you’ll need to have to use an uninfected Pc to melt away them to a CD or duplicate them to a USB adhere before you can boot from them.