This list isn’t about the apps that everyman and his dog has – the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and WhatsApp-type apps of the world. No, this one’s focused on the apps that might have slipped under your radar; the lesser known but equally useful applications available inside Google Play. Basically apps that make your Android handset all the more useful in everyday scenarios. 

As more and more applications are added to Google Play it becomes increasingly hard to whittle out the wheat from the chaff. Flappy Bird springs to mind here: it came, it exploded and now, two weeks later, no one really cares – aside from all the developers attempting to cash in on the trend with similarly named titles and games. Iron Pants, anybody? J

There are currently around 1.6 MILLION applications inside Google Play. Deciding which app to download is often a case of opening Play and checking the Top 10 charts, and that’s great for the most part – but you do miss a lot of good stuff. And that’s why we decided to put this list together. Oh, and we’ll be adding new apps to this list every week. Yes, it’s a grower.

If you’re looking for the best Android Wear apps you’ll find them in a separate article here.

Comic Relief’s Swear Jar (free)

This fun app supports Comic Relief and it listens to how much you swear. Every time you do, it donates your real money to the charity. As the organization explains: “Using the latest voice recognition technology from Google, the app identifies and tallies up swear words. To make sure the pottiest of mouths don’t donate their entire savings, you make an up-front donation. Smart buggers. Once you have confirmed you are over 18 and made your donation, you can initiate a listening session. During this session the keen ear of the app will be listening to your conversation and will identify and tally up your swear words.”

Radiation Island (£2.89)

If you play Radiation Island you’re immediately going to notice how similar it is to the hit Xbox game Dead Island. Now Radiation Island has nowhere near the graphics Dead Island does, but for an Android game it’s really impressive. The game is a first person shooter where you play someone trapped on an island inhabited by zombies and other dangers. Its open world environment is breathtaking for a mobile game and the ability to craft weapons and the necessity to hunt for food while fighting off zombies gives it a real console feel.

Assassin’s Creed Identity (£3.99)

Assassin’s Creed Identity is the first action RPG from the hit franchise. In it you play your own customizable assassin. You can choose between four classes: Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief. As you might expect you can spend you loot to upgrade outfits and weapons. As you explore renaissance Italy complete dozens of missions to become the world’s best assassin.

Messenger for WhatsApp (free)

Messenger for WhatsApp isn’t an official WhatsApp client for Android tablets (there are none yet), but that doesn’t stop it from letting you send and receive WhatsApp messages on your tablet. It works by taking advantage of WhatsApp Web, which allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages from any browser. Scan the WhatsApp Web arcade in WhatsApp on your smartphone with this app and then the apps will be synced and as long as your tablet and smartphone are on the same Wi-Fi network you’ll be sending WhatsApp messages from your tablet with ease.

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling (free)

For an awesome at-home bowling experience be sure to download the free Strike! Ten Pin Bowling. It’s a real Wii-like thanks to your smartphone’s built-in motion sensors that allow you to swing the virtual bowling ball down the lane. The game also has multiple modes including a Mega Lane mini game and Ten Pin Taster and allows you to play with three other friends.

Snowboard Party 2 (£1.89)

The popular snowboarding game for iOS comes to Android. Snowboard Party 2 improves on the original by adding 150 new levels for your to slide and grind through. You have access to 16 different characters you can design and build up and can even customize the game controls so you can choose a layout that best suites you.

VLC for Android (free)

Yes, the team behind VLC for PC and Macs have release and official VLC client for Android. If you manage music or movies on your Mac or PC, chances are you’ll be a VLC user. That app is a lot like a mobile version of iTunes if iTunes weren’t a bloated piece of 15 year old software badly in need of an upgrade. Manage your music, videos, create playlists and more. VLC rocks.

Does Not Commute (free)

Does Not Commute is a beautifully designed game with some of the best lighting I’ve seen in awhile. In the game you navigate cars through a neighborhood by dragging their driving route with your finger. Seems easy enough, but as you navigate each additional car, you have to make sure it doesn’t run into the cars you previously navigate through the neighborhoods. So fun, so addictive. Download it now.

Mushroom 11 (£4.89)

Smartphone owners everywhere are getting addicted to this game. In the game you play a mass of green goo–a new life form in a devastated world. In order to transverse the world you need to strategically erase parts of the goo and let it regenerate. It’s harder than it sounds, but more rewarding also.

Wetherspoon Order and Pay (free)

The Wetherspoon Order and Pay app allows you to have food and drinks delivered right to your table in almost any Wetherspoon’s in the country. The app is great for skipping the long queues in overcrowded pubs. It allows you to view the entire menu–including drinks–and get them delivered nice and hot (or cold). Using the app you can pay via Android Pay, PayPal or with a card.

ITV Racing (free)

This app allows you to watch clips of all of ITV Racing’s live races, access exclusive videos with ITV’s presenters, catch up on the latest racing news, and test your racing knowledge with our fiendish quizzes. The app could even win you a ton of cash. Use it to enter the ITV 7 prize competition each week. Select seven winners and you have a chance to win part or all of a minimum £30,000 cash jackpot.

Cosmic Express (£3.99)

This great puzzler is terrific for killing time. You need to plan the train route for the world’s most awkward space colony. It’s got terrific art direction, great gameplay, and is challenging enough to keep you entertained for hours.

Cooling CPU (free)

This free utility app is great at keeping your smartphone’s CPU cool. Why might you want to do that? The hotter your smartphone gets, the more battery life you waste. The app detects applications that are making your CPU work a lot (and heat up) so you can either delete the app or cancel its ongoing processes–saving you precious battery life.

Wrecked (free)

This awesome island survival sim harkens back to the days of video game classics like Monkey Island. As the game’s descriptions says, “See how long you can survive on an island full of wildlife – and even wilder people! Compete for resources with a new 2-handed control system that doubles the ways you can interact with the world around you – putting the power to create or destroy in your own hands. Explore the island’s 10 unique locations long enough to solve the mystery of why you’re there – and what lies on the other side of the ocean…”

XPERIA KONG: Skull Island (free)

If you’re a fan of King Kong or just liked the most recent flick, you should grab the XPERIA KONG: Skull Island app. It lets you personalize your Android with a theme from the movie. Included are over 300 graphical assets that are fully customizable, including everything from lock screen and home screen wallpapers to icons, colours and buttons.

Presidential Helicopter SIM (free)

Want to know what it feels like to be Donald trump? With this simulator you’ll know what it’s like to fly around Washington DC in your own personal helicopter. You can also cruise around in his personal limo. It’s a silly concept, but the Trump take on the game gives this sim an edge over similar apps.

Travel Diary & Journal: Journi (free)

If you’re an avid traveler, you’ll want to check out Journi. This app acts as a travel diary, trip journal or travel blog. Pin moments on a map to get an overview of where you have traveled, create your own blog and write down your adventures on vacation. Other friends who use Journi can then follow along with you on your travels by seeing the locals you’ve visited, the photos you’ve taken, and the thoughts you’ve written down.

Pancake – The Game (free)

It sounds stupid, but this one-button game is addictively fun. In it you try to flip the pancake as many times as you can. When you don’t catch it, you lose. Simple? Yes. Fun? You bet.

Justice League Action Run (free)

A new take on endless runners, this Justice League of America game will keep you entertained for hours. You play as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, and Cyborg (and can switch characters throughout gameplay) as they chase Joker, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, and Lobo through the streets of Gotham City, Metropolis, and Apokolips. As you’re chasing them, you can use your unique superhero abilities to stop them and at the end you’ll fight them one on one.

Framed (£2.49)

As the game’s description says: FRAMED is a multi-award winning noir-puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of animated comic book to change the outcome of the story. And it is one hell of a beautiful game: the design is simply astounding. Combine that with rich animation and a killer jazz soundtrack and Framed is one of the best games you’ll play this year.

The Gruffalo Spotter (free)

This app is based on The Gruffalo, the best-selling picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The app is made in conjunction with the Forestry Commission of England and puts kids and families into an augmented reality world where they track down their favourite characters based on The Gruffalo at 26 Forestry Commission sites across England. Think of this as Pokemon Go, but it gets you and the family out exploring the real-world forested wonders of England.

My Talking Pet (£1.29)

One of the most hilarious apps in ages, this utility allows you to make it look like your favorite pet is talking. Simply take a picture of your pet and then in the app speak into your smartphone’s mic and you’ll see their mouth move as you talk. Simple? Sure. But it’s endlessly entertaining.

Machinarium (£3.99)

This award-winning independent adventure game is one of the most beautiful I’ve played lately. In Machinarium you help Josef the robot to save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang. While the story is solid, it’s the art direction of this game that makes it so captivating. You’ll spend hours exploring the Tim Burton-esque worlds of the game.

Lego Batman Movie Game (free)

This game based on the new Lego Batman Movie is as fun as the movie itself. Firmly young in cheek, you get to play the billionaire playboy by day, vigilante by night in all his blocky glory. It’s the little things in the game that make it great, like all the various outfits Batman can wear and the DJ mini game, where the Bat can get his groove on.

She Wants Me Dead (free)

I once read somewhere that 1000s of years ago cats were worshiped as gods…and they haven’t forgotten it. In this came you play Max, who has pissed off his cat Lulu, so now the cat is trying to kill him. Absurd premise? Sure. But it’s hilarious at the same time and the graphics are stunning. It’ll make you think twice about pissing off your feeling friend in the future too.

WWF Together (free)

Experience the world’s most amazing and endangered animals in one app – together, says the app’s developers. Learn about endangered animals in this beautiful interactive app that features stories of elephants, whales, rhinos and other species we’ve brought to the verge of extinction. Cool features include a 3D interactive globe that allows you to discover exactly how far away you are from 70 different animals around the world.

DC All Access (free)

DC All Access is the new app from Warner Brothers that acts as a one-stop shop for all of DC’s media properties. Check out the app daily for the latest news about DC comics, TV shows and movies and use the built-in emoji keyboard to send DC emojis, animated gifs and stickers of your favorite characters to your friends. In addition to news you can also preview DC comics and earn rewards from polls and quizzes that are redeemable for digital DC merchandise.

Kitchen Stories (free)

Want to learn how to cook better? Give the free Kitchen Stories a download. It’ll let you browse photo and video receipts of your soon to be favorite new dishes. It offers various thematic packages including “All-time classics”, “Pasta variations” or “20 Minute Dishes”. And if you’re vegan or vegetarian you’ll love that there are plenty of either recipes included among meat dishes as well.

The Rock Clock (free)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would wake you up in the morning? Me neither. But still, the Rock Clock is a great alarm clock app for those that have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. The app allows you to create alarms for different events and the alarm sounds are all picked by the Rock himself. Plus it includes videos of the Rock to keep you motivated. Oh, and the Rock Clock doesn’t have a snooze button…because the Rock doesn’t like to snooze.

Space Marshals (£3.58)

Space Marshals is a fun tactical shooter that takes place in a Wild West set in space. It’s a top-down tactical shooter where you play a sheriff on the hunt for fugitives after a prison break. While it features tactical gameplay, that doesn’t mean guns are always the answer. The game features stealth moves that can be even more powerful depending upon the circumstance.

The Westport Independent (£3.99)

As a journalist, I love this game. As it’s description says, The Westport Independent is “A game about Censorship, Corruption and Newspapers. The Westport Independent is essentially a censorship simulator. It takes place in a post-war country, “governed by the recently elected Loyalist Party. As the editor of one of the last independent newspapers in the country, your job is to remove and edit the content of your paper, affecting the people’s opinion of both the rebels and the Loyalist government. With an increase of rebel activity and an ever watching government breathing down your neck, whose truth will you print?”

If you ever wondered how the media and those that control it can affect the outcome of real-world political situations, download and play this game.

Mapstr (free)

Mapstr is a great app that allows you to save your favorite locations from around the world to its built-in map. But rather than just being a simple bookmarking app for real-world locations, the app then allows you to share your location favorites with other Mapstr users, allowing you to trade your favorite haunts with friends.

Once – Handpicked matches (free)

If you’re sick of dating apps like Tinder, you might want to give Once a try. The app is unique in that it only gives you one handpicked match each day at noon. You then have 24 hours to talk to (and hopefully, woo) your match. After that, it’s up to you two if you want to meet.

Pokémon Duel (free)

Will this be the next big Pokemon game? While it’s different than GO, it’s just as entertaining. Dual is a strategy board game that uses Pokémon figures. The aim is to be the first person who gets your figures to your competitor’s goal. If you do that, you win. The League Match gameplay is addictive and you’ll have fun collecting all the virtual figures.

Big Hunter (free)

Big Hunter is a fantastic dynamic physics game with excellent art direction. You hunt animals with various weapons so your tribe has food to eat. The art direction is stunning, the gameplay simply addictive, and even the game sounds have a rhythm to them that you don’t commonly see in indie games.

WaterMinder (free)

It’s important to drink enough water each day–experts say around 8 cups is ideal. But many of us may not be drinking enough of the good stuff as we think. WaterMinder aims to make knowing that easier by allowing us to track our daily water intake simply and easily thanks to its intuitive user interface.

Leo’s Fortune (£4.89)

The platform adventure game that became a smash hit on iOS comes to the Apple TV. Play the lovable creature as you hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold. The game features beautifully hand-crafted levels. If you enjoyed this game on your smartphone, you’ll love seeing it on your big screen TV.

The End of the World (free)

A great indie game, The End of The World is a side-scrolling exploration game set in Newcastle, England. You play a lonely man who feels that his world has ended when he lost his love. The gameplay sees you living day by day and also in the past as you try to unravel the circumstances that led to your breakup–and maybe a way to move on.

Amazon Music (free)

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you may not know that in addition to getting free shipping, you also get access to Amazon’s Prime Music catalog of two million songs. This companion app allows you to stream all two million tune right to your smartphone. It’s got a brilliant interface (better than the iOS Music app or Spotify’s) and has cool visual elements like Xray song lyrics.

Blue Clean – Clean and Boost (free)


Blue Clean is a great little utility app that allows you to optimize your Android device in just a few taps. The app removes junk files, uninstalls unneeded apps, and cleans your Phone’s RAM–while removing the possibility you’ll delete something you need. That’s because Blue Clean walks you through what it wants to clean, delete, or optimize by putting it in everyday language anyone can understand–not just techies.

Money Dashboard (free)


Money Dashboard is the UK budgeting app I’ve been waiting for for a while. In the US the king of the budgeting apps is Mint–but that isn’t available in the UK, and now it’s no longer needed. Money Dashboard has been around for a while and their app has always kind of sucked. But they just released a completely redesigned, overhauls version 2.0 and it is amazing. Track your spending across accounts, see your money spend organized on beautiful charts, and set budgets to keep you in control. Money Dashboard is the best budgeting app on the UK App Store.

AFFECTED – The Manor VR (£2.79)


This terrifying horror walkthrough is now available for Google Daydream supported devices. Think of this as a virtual reality haunted house. We dare you to try and finish the whole thing without taking your VR goggles off.

Google Opinion Rewards (free)


Yeah, this app at first sounds like a scam, but it’s actually made by Google and allows you to earn free Google Play credits you can use to buy apps and other media on the Play store. All you need to do is answer surveys from Google Consumer Surveys. The surveys are short and each one will net you £0.60 in Play store credit.

Star Wars: Force Arena (free)


Star Wars: Force Arena is the latest mobile Star Wars game to drop into our laps. This one takes the form of a multiplayer strategy game. You form a form a squad from a roster of over 80 Star Wars characters in real-time 1v1 or 2v2 PvP arena battles. Characters include the classics such as Han Solo and Darth Vader, as well as the new Rogue One characters such as Jyn Erso or Grand Moff Tarkin! A must have for Star Wars fans.

AirDroid (free)


iOS and macOS users have an awesome feature called Continuity, which allows texts and phone calls to be delivered from your iPhone right to your Mac’s desktop so you can take and reply to them there. The free AirDroid app is essentially Continuity for Android. Install it on your phone to manage your calls, SMS, and app notifications from your PC or Mac.

Fandom: Overwatch (free)

Overwatch fans will want to download this unofficial companion app for the game. Created by Fandom, the app features countless articles and other content about Blizzard’s most popular FPS. Read character bios, get tips, and chat with other Overwatch fans across the globe.

Gif Recipes Pro (£0.99)


This brilliant app gives you over 1200 recipes featuring GIFs for every step. A GIF image accompanies each written recipe and the app itself offers recipes across Breakfast, Dinner, Dessert, Beverages, Asian, Mexican, Italian, Western, Indian, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Seafood, and Vegan categories.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (£4.69)


The third installment of the Telltale Games Walking Dead franchise is also the best. A New Frontier jumps forwards in time by several years. You play a new character called Javier. After being separated from his family by bandits, he’s rescued by fan-favorite Clementine, who is now in her early teens (she was just a kid in the original Telltale game). A New Frontier features the same moral-choice gameplay that made the other games such a success–and this one features even better animation and graphics, solidifying Telltale as one of the best game makers on the planet.

Money Lover – Money Manager (free)


If you want to kick off the new year with a better grip on your finances, check out Money Lover. It’s an app that aggregates all your accounts–current, savings, and credit cards–in one place. This allows you to get a clear picture of just how much money you have coming in, versus how much you are spending. The app also lets you set goals, such as holidays or a shopping spree, that you can save your cash for.

Tokyo Fashion (free)


If you’re fed up with the same old fashion in the west every year, you might want to grab this app to see how the cool kids dress in Japan. The app is the official mobile hub of – the most popular English-language Japanese street fashion website in the world. Every day you’ll see the latest street fashion from Harajuku and other locals in Tokyo–a place that makes the hipsters in Shoreditch look positively old fashioned.

Angry Birds Blast (free)


If you’re a fan of Angry Birds and also a fan of Candy Crush, then you’ll love Angry Birds Blast. Yet another new game form factor, Angry Birds Blast takes the brand into a new casual gaming direction. The Birds find themselves trapped in bubbles by the Pigs. Pop the bubbles to free the Birds and see all the other objects on the screen cascade down, forming other items, such as lasers and rockets, that help you free more Birds.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever (free)


If you’re a Grumpy Cat fan, grab this app. It’s a glorious 8-bit collection of mini games that only a Grumpy Cat fan could love. The app is also chock full of Grumpy Cat memes to share with your friends.

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji (free)


As the app’s descriptions says, Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. Use this app to make a custom emoji of yourself, which you can then use in a virtually unlimited number of apps including Snapchat, iMessage, and more.

Hot Wheels: Race Off (free)


This is a must have for any Hot Wheels fans. The #D graphics racer game offers 40 physics-based tracks to race your Hot Wheels on. Over 20 cars are available in the app across 40 tracks. It’s also got multiplayer support so you can challenge your friends to little tiny races.

Star Wars™: Card Trader (free)


This app from trading card company Topps offers thousands of Star Wars trading cards to collect and trade digitally. The cards cover all the movies and TV shows including Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: Rogue One and more! Best of all, all styles of art are featured across the cards and new ones are added all the time. Collect them all!

Lara Croft GO (£3.89)


A few years ago game maker Square Enix Montréal decided to take a unique angle on the development of the Hitman franchise. They turned what was a first-person shooter and stealth console game into an amazing turn-based puzzler. The game was one of the biggest hits on smartphones that year. Now Square Enix has followed Hitman GO up with Lara Croft GO. In the game you play the Tomb Raider as she explores lost and forgotten worlds in an addictive turn-based puzzler.

Android Auto (free)


Android Auto is the official app go-between between your smartphone and your car. It allows you to connect your smartphone with your car’s built-in display to use any number of Android Auto supported apps including Google Maps, Google Play Music, and Google Search.

Battle for Brexit (free)


This satirical game takes on one of the most emotionally charged topics of our time: Brexit. Given that, I’ll just let the developer’s description speak for itself: “Fight off the European Union and all its minions who seek to seize control of British Sovereignty and destroy the country through the use of uncontrolled mass immigration. Protect traditional British values such as Chinese food against the Eurocrats from Brussels and avoid becoming a prisoner in the world’s largest open air prison known as the EU.”

Gboard – the Google Keyboard (free)


One of the best Android keyboard apps, Gboard is the official keyboard from Google that features glide typing, voice typing, the ability to search Google right from your keyboard, GIF support, and even emoji search.

ROBLOX (free)


ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. ROBLOX is essentially virtual Legos + Minecraft + kid friendly games. This Android client allows ROBLOX users to explore the virtual world of ROBLOX, playing millions of user-create games as well as chatting with their ROBLOX friends.

Brexit News (free)


Can’t get enough Brexit news? Download this app to be kept up-to-date on the latest breaking news about the UK’s departure from the EU. The app scours news sources across the web and presents you with Brexit newsfeeds that constantly update.

NYTimes (free)


One of the best sources of news in the world, the New York Times also has an incredible app. With excellent design and a beautiful layout the official NYTimes app gives you all the access to the latest breaking news as well as allows you to read 10 stories a month without needing a subscription. However, given the quality of their journalism, plumping down for an annual digital subscription is a no-brainer.

Word Cookies (free)


If you’re looking for a new puzzle game, try Word Cookies. It’s a word puzzle game in which you need to find the words in the letters you are given. Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards. Give it a go and you’ll find you soon can’t be able to stop playing this charming puzzle game.

1600 (free)

This app is made by the White House and is one last parting gift from the Obama administration before Trump moves in. It used augmented reality to give you a tour through the White House. The virtual tours are different depending on the day you do it to match what goes on in the White House during the year. As for triggering the augmented reality tour, you need a US dollar bill–point your smartphone’s camera at it and the White House will spring to life on your screen.

Bully: Anniversary Edition (£4.99)

The Rockstar Games classic comes to smartphones at last! To celebrate its 10th anniversary the Bully: Anniversary Edition includes everything from the critically acclaimed console original plus support for high-resolution displays, enhanced graphics, improved lighting and textures, and controls redesigned for touch gameplay. You play 15-year old Jimmy Hopkins trying to survive the corrupt and crumbling prep school, Bullworth Academy. Stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, beat the jocks at dodge ball, play pranks, win or lose the girl and survive a year in the worst school around.

Dawn of Titans (free)

This real-time strategy action-adventure game is widely considered to have some of the best graphics of any game ever on mobile devices. In Dawn of the Titans you build your kingdom while both attacking and fending off enemies in a beautifully rendered 3D fantasy landscape. There’s enough events and campaigns to keep you and your army of thousands busy for a long time as you lead your colossal warriors into real-time PvP battles to become the ultimate ruler of the land.

Alto’s Adventure (free)

Alto’s Adventure is the most beautiful game I’ve ever played, which is why it’s worth another mention. It’s an endless snowboarding game which means the game itself keeps generating the level in front of you. The physics of the game are top-notch and the environments are nothing short of breathtaking. Its landscapes remind me of the beauty of Monument Valley. You play Alto as he snowboards through stunning slopes on a mission to capture his escaped llamas. As you progress the landscapes get more challenging and the tricks get hard, but more rewarding. Trust me, you want to buy this game.

Google My Business (free)

The app for business owners everywhere, Google My Business allows owners of physical businesses (ie: those with brick and mortar shops–not just websites) to fully control their listings on Google Maps. This app allows business owners to verify their business information, manage customer reviews, and get custom insights on how customers are interacting with your business online. You can even manage multiple businesses from the same dashboard.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ (free)

Ever wanted to easily insert the most popular keyboard emoji of all time into text conversations. ¯_(ツ)_/¯, you say? Well, now you can. This app has one purpose and one purpose only: to insert the ¯_(ツ)_/¯ emoji into wherever you are typing with the tap of a button.

Google Santa Tracker (free)

The Google Santa Tracker app is a great one for this time of year–especially if you have little ones. When December 24th arrives you’ll be able to track Santa through the night sky as he delivers presents to good little boys and girls all over the world. Until then, the app is full of plenty of games to keep you busy–include games designed exclusively for Google Cardboard.

Christmas Radio (free)

Christmas Radio is a simple free app that gives you instant access to the best Christmas radio streams on the web. The app currently supports 29 Christmas radio stations with a diverse selection of Xmas tunes including classic Christmas songs, Christmas jazz, Christmas country, Christmas  rock n’ roll and more.

Vast Survival (free)

Vast Survival is an open world, multiplayer survival game that is perfect for anyone who wonders what it’s like to be a survivalist–and if they could survive in a world where all laws and societal cohesion have broken down. Keep in mind the game is still in alpha right now, but early gameplay is promising. The game supports up to 26 multiplayers in a room at once. Survive by crafting weapons, building shelters, voice chatting with other players to form alliances, finding military bases, hunting for food, and the much more.

YouTube VR (free)

The official app from Google puts every video YouTube offers into your VR headset. The app immerses you in a 3D VR setting and allows you to watch and browse every video on YouTube, from 3D 360 videos to those old school standard rectangular videos. And for those standard videos, watching them through YouTube VR gives you the experience of what it’s like to watch them on the big screen at a theater. The app also supports spatial audio, where depth and distance play a role as to what you hear depending on where you look.

Azimo Money Transfer (free)

If you need some money to shop for holiday deals, you might want to contact some relatives in other countries for a little loan. In that case check out the Azimo Money Transfer app. It allows you to transfer money to over 190 countries with the lowest forex rates available. In 50 of those countries, you could have your money in as little as an hour. And you can even opt to pick up your money as cash from over 280,000 locations across the globe.

Christmas Live Wallpaper (£1.19)

This fun little utility app draws 3D Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa’s sleigh, stars, and 15 other different Christmas elements right on your screen as wallpaper. It’s a terrific little app to get you into the holiday mood and has controls that lets you change the background colors, scene elements, overall backgrounds, lights and more.

Football Manager Mobile 2017 (£6.99)

Sure, at almost £7 it’s a bit pricey, but this is probably the best fantasy football manager out there. Football Manager Mobile 2017 lets you manage any club from 15 countries across the world. You decide on the players, lineup, strategy and more and then see how your team competes against the world. With improved scouting features and a new UI, Football Manager Mobile 2017 is a must for any football fan.

Trench Assault (free)

Relive when the British empire was at its strongest in this retro shooter that puts you in the role of a commander of British troops during World War 1. Assault the German trenches with your various types of troops including Privates, Officers, Flamethrowers and Snipers. Use different artillery and gas masks to your advantage as you fight in trench warfare against German gas attacks, snipers and machine gunners.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection (free)

The classic game from Microsoft and the world’s #1 solitaire game is now on Android! Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers five of the most iconic Solitaire games in one app. Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Tripeaks, and Pyramid are all here as are the basic graphics that looked cutting edge 25 years ago when the company first created the Windows version of the game.

Attenborough Story of Life (free)

This amazing video app is a collection of 1000 of the best moments from the illustrious career of Sir David Attenborough. It includes six decades of highlights from over 40 BBC programmes, including hits like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, The Life of Mammals, Africa and others. The app also contains hidden exclusive videos of Attenborough’s adventures as well as the ability to create and save unique collections of videos for your playlist viewing pleasure.

Instapaper (free)

Instapaper is one of the apps I use most frequently. It allows me to save articles for offline reading later and formats them beautifully for distraction-free reading–and now it’s even better because all of its premium features are now free for everyone. The idea behind Instapaper is that many times we don’t have the time to read an interesting article when we see a link to it, but bookmarking it rarely helps because it just gets lost in the hundreds of other bookmarks we have. With Instapaper you can simply click a button in any web browser (Chrome, Safari, IE, etc) and the article will be saved to your Instapaper account and made available for reading across your devices (desktop and mobile). I use Instapaper to catch up on my daily reading, usually before bedtime.

Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons (free)

Based on the newer Battlestar Galactica tv series, Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons sees you in the commander’s seat of the Galactica as you pilot it through the cosmos in search for a new planet to call home. All the while you are relentlessly pursued by the Cylons, which you must defend against by building a fleet of ships and scavenging technology to increase your defenses. It’s a great strategy game for those who loved the television series.

Nextdoor (free)

Nextdoor is the social media app for your neighborhood. The app connects individuals in the neighborhood and allows them to communicate and collaborate with each other. Use the app to quickly spread word of a break in, announce a garage sale, or just see who has a tool you can borrow to get your DIY job done.

Night Owl (free)

Night Owl is an excellent utility app that dims your screen. The point is that a dimmer screen saves eyestrain and battery life. The app has a host of granular controls to get your screen to its perfect settings for your eyes, as well as a timer so you can set screen dim lengths and a blue light filter, which limits blue light emitted from your screen, which can help you sleep better at night.

YouTube Kids (free)

The YouTube Kids app from Google is the official YouTube app for your little ones. With it, kids can discover videos, channels and playlists they’ll love. The app is designed around simple, kid-friendly navigation. Four categories include Shows, Music, Learning and Explore and include videos from major players including Thomas & Friends, DreamworksTV and Talking Tom, online hits like Mother Goose Club, Super Simple Songs and Wonder Quest.

Learn C++ (free)

They say in the future learning to code will be as important as learning to read is now. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of educational tools to learn coding. Learn C++ is a free app that enables you to learn the coding language on your own time–right on your phone! It features 80 lessons split into 8 levels that cover basic concepts, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, functions, classes and objects, inheritance & polymorphism, templates, exceptions and files.

Donald Trump Soundboard (free)

Well, the unthinkable happened. Donald Trump has been elected as president of the United States. This app collects 120 of his phrases and sayings on a soundboard for your phone. Tap any swing to hear The Donald say it outloud. Depending on your political outlook, this app could either produce laughs or chills. You can even set Trump’s phrases as ringtones.

Hangouts Dialer (free)

Hangouts Dialer is the official app from Google that allows you to use Hangouts to dial any phone number in the world. Dialing a number through this app will use your mobile contract’s data allowance to place VOIP calls. The app means the person you are calling through Hangouts no longer needs a Hangouts ID. Think of this as Skype by Google.

Minecraft: Story Mode (free)

This Telltale games series is based not he popular Minecraft world builder, but is an episodic adventure tale instead of said world builder. In the game you play Jesse on a quest with his or her (you can set the gender of the character) friends to find The Order of the Stone. Like other Telltale games, in-game puzzles make up some of the gameplay, but most of it revolves around choices you make as a character–and that dictates where the story leads.

Bright Side – Let’s make the world a little brighter (free)

Sick of negative, doom and gloom news? Download the Bright Side app to get a host of articles and news with a positive slant. The Bright Side website has been gaining in popularity over the last year thanks to its heavy Facebook newsfeed presence. The app gives you all the articles and news from the site, nicely formatted for your phone.

Trump’s Wall (free)

The US presidential election is almost here–will it result in the building of the great wall? Who knows, but it this game you can see what it’s like trying to build the wall Trump wants. The physics puzzler sees you stacking wall matures on top of each other. The goal is to build as high a wall as you can without it toppling over. And unlike with the upcoming election result, at least you can have a do-over when things come crashing down.

1Tap Receipts HMRC Tax Scanner (free)

If you are self-employed you know doing your taxes can be a pain. Enter 1 Tap Receipts. The extracts the supplier, date, amount and self assessment tax category from your receipts, bills and invoices you scan with it. It’s one of the best receipt scanners I’ve found–primarily because of its accuracy in detecting data points on the receipts. Highly recommended.

Corridor Z (free)

A unique take on endless runners, Corridor Z sees you play one of three characters trapped in a local high school with zombies. You need to run through the halls to find the one exit left. What’s unique about this game is that the vantage point is from in front of you, so you see your characters and the zombies chasing them. The viewpoint really ratchet up the suspense factor. Dodge obstacles, find weapons, and pull down objects to throw in the path of the zombies as they get ever closer to you.

InterNations (free)

InterNations is a great social networking app that lets you connect with fellow expats around the world and meet up with them in your city. Right now the app supports almost 400 cities across the globe. With it you can easily find expats in your area, see what events are going on locally, and join groups of expats that share your interests.

Rusty Lake: Roots (£2.69)

A point-and-click adventure that sees you follow the life path of James Vanderboom and his family. The art direction of the game is beautiful and with over 30 levels there’s lots of puzzles to explore. But what’s best about the game is it’s sometimes very creepy atmosphere. It’s a game you’ll find hard to put down.

MICmoji (£1.49)

If you’re a Made in Chelsea fan you’ll want to grab this emoji app based on the series. It features over 100 emoji with the faces, phrases, and everything else from the world of Made in Chelsea. The “MIC Yourself” allows you to apply the emojis to selfies too, so you can see what it’s like to be part of their world.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (free)


This collectible card game/fighter is every DC Universe fan’s dream. Build up your team of heroes or villains and fight your way through a roster of DC characters. The latest edition of the game includes popular characters from the Suicide Squad movie including Deadshot, the Joker, and, of course, Harley Quinn. The graphics are jaw dropping and the game play and character roster is varied enough you’ll be entertained day after day.

72 Seasons (free)


72 Seasons is a beautiful app based on the ancient Japanese calendar that breaks the year up into 24 and then 72 separate seasons. As the developers state, “The 72 Seasons app brings you photographs, illustrations, haiku poems and words based on the poetic names of the seasons, each of which depicts a subtle change in the natural world throughout the year.” It’s a beautiful app that anyone who has been to Japan will appreciate.

Stack (free)


Stack is the other addictive game I’ve been playing this week. Stack again takes a minimalist design cue and has very simple gameplay: slabs float on screen. Tap the screen to drop a slab in place. But if the next glad isn’t dropped perfectly on the previous one, whatever overlaps the edges will get cut off. See how high you can stack the slabs until there no room left.

Lifeline (£1.29)


Lifeline is one of the most engrossing games I’ve played in a long time. That’s amazing too since the game is entirely text based. It harkens back to those wonderful DOS computer games of the 80s where story and words mattered more than graphics. In Lifeline you play a person who started getting texts from a stranded starship passenger who is marooned. How you choose to communicate with that passenger affects the gameplay and plot line. It’s a great master and a refreshing respite from the world of graphics-intensive games.

Tastemade (free)


Tastemade is a digital media company that focuses on food, travel, and lifestyle content for millennials. The app is a portal to their articles and videos that cover everything from recipes to original shows. If you’re a fan of their content, the app is a must-download.

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block (free)


Truecaller is an awesome dialer app for Android that identifies virtually anyone who calls you–even if they aren’t in your contact list. Not only will Truecaller crosscheck the phone number with a database of 200 million numbers it will also leverage Google searches to identify the caller–all automatically. If that’s not cool enough, Truecaller will even show you a picture of the person or organization calling you.

XE Currency (free)

The currency markets have been going crazy since the summer. If you deal with multiple currencies–whether exchanging pounds for euros for a short trip overseas, or just have an interest in foreign exchange rates, download this app. XE Currency is one of the premiere currency apps out there covering every currency in the world, live proprietary rates that refresh every minute, 30,000+ currency charts for historic rates, and more.

Concrete Jungle (£3.99)


Concrete Jungle takes the city building genre and turns it on its head. Instead of micromanaging a building or two this game asks you to play a city planner on a large scale. In the game you have a deck of cards that allows you to place buildings–but think before putting random buildings anywhere you want. In Concrete Jungle each building affects its surroundings in different ways, thus having effects on other buildings.

The CW (free)


By now it’s not strange for television networks to have their own apps. However, much of their content is locked behind a subscription wall–this is especially true of US television networks. The CW’s new app throws this out the window by providing full television shows for viewing just a day after they air–absolutely free, now subscription or account needed. Now you can catch hits like Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow any time you want.

Solid Explorer File Manager (free)


This is the ultimate file manager for Android, It has a great two-panel drag and drop interface that allows you to not only easily access your files, but organize them right on your phone. A really cool feature is it even lets you search inside encrypted ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR files. But the best feature of all is the ability to password protect individual files and folders–or your your Android phone’s fingerprint sensor to open password protected files.

JustPark Parking (free)


JustPark is a great app for drivers that are looking for open parking bays–a challenge in any city. The app uses your current location to show you a map of the open parking bays near you along with their cost. Then use in-app directions to lead you right to it. The app currently works in over 1,000 cities worldwide and offers a database of 200,000 bays. Plus you can even list your open parking space in the app to start earning money from it.

VICE News (free)


The edgy news network for milliners has a great new app that brings its documentaries, video dispatches, live streams, photojournalism and articles right to your smartphone. A great feature is the ability to read articles offline, stream documentaries via Chromecast, and see VICE’s most important stories at a glance in Today view.

Stock Quote (free)


Stock Quote is an excellent, no-nonsense stock tracking app for Android. The app’s simple layout is one of its strengths, allowing you to get a quick overview of markets in real time, including after-hour and pre-market quotes. With rich tools including currency converters, portfolios, and news, Stock Quote is the only financial app most people need.

Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs (free)


If you’re a freelancer you’ll want to download this app right away. It allows you to create a free profile to advertise your services, set your rates, and then wait for the job offers to come rolling in. But more than that, it also allows freelancers to browse a database of jobs and submit bids for work. It’s a great app for the gig economy.

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean (free)


Despite the awkward name Power Security-AntiVirus Clean is an important tool for every Android phone. it’s a utility box full of goodies including Antivirus which works in real-time, blocking viruses and malwares as they try to install. Wi-Fi Security helps identify phishing networks set up to crack your device, while Junk File Cleaner cleans junk files in seconds–eliminating up to 2GB of junk from your device in one go.

Easy Cleaner (free)


Easy Cleaner is another great utility app for Android. It has four tools: Phone Booster, which cleans background processes, speeding up your device. Junk Cleaner, which analyzes storage space on your phone and clears all unnecessary data. Battery Saver, finds and fixes battery power consumption problems, making your battery last much longer. And Phone Cooler, which systematically monitors, manages, and disables CPU-intensive apps, making your device run cooler, thus saving battery life.

Animation Throwdown: TQFC (free)


This awesome digital card game combines characters from Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill all in one app. Collect character cards featuring hundreds of characters from the various cartoon series and optimize your deck as you fight battles across shows. It’s terrific fun for those that know cartoon aren’t just for kids.

Karhoo (free)


Karhoo is a new local cabs and licensed taxis comparison app. The app allows you to see which services are available in your area are cheapest or closest. Enter your origin and destination addresses and then sort the results by fixed price or time. Right now the app works in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Reading, Leicester, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle, Southampton, Portsmouth and Bristol, but they are soon rolling out to the rest of the UK and across the world.

Financial Times (free)


The Financial Times is one of the best news apps for Android. The no-fuss design lets you find the news most relevant to you, while the editorial content is top-notch, something you’d expect from one of the world’s leading news institutions. With a powerful search function and al all new, simplified and minimalist app UI, the is the FT app everyone has been waiting for.

POTO – Photo Collage Maker & Picture Editor (free)


Poto is a terrific photo collage maker and photo editor. The app allows you to arrange your photos easily into a number of different collages and edit each individual pic you add. When you’re done editing, choose the frame for your collage and add texts, stickers, and filters, then share to your social media accounts.

Dango: Emoji & Funny GIFs (free)


Dango is a great app that lets you quickly find relevant GIFs and emoji without needing to load a special keyboard. Dango gives you quick one-tap access to GIFs and emoji in the most popular messaging apps including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger & SMS.

The Economist Espresso (free)


The Economist Espresso is a great “lite” news app. It brings you six stories every day directly to your smartphone before breakfast to tell you what’s going on in the world today. You can expect the best international and business news with the quality you’re used to from one of the most respected publications on the planet–all packaged in a beautiful app.

LinkedIn Job Search (free)


This dedicated app from LinkedIn puts all of the site’s job-finding tools at your fingertips. Use it to find career opportunities based on your location, then apply for relevant jobs in just a few taps using your existing LinkedIn profile. With powerful filter tools, you’ll find your dream job in no time.

NASA (free)


this is the official NASA app for Android. It features the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content from the leading space agency. Currently it’s got over 14,000 images you can view and an encyclopedia of knowledge about our universe. The coolest feature, though, is being able to watch live NASA shuttle launches and other events right in the app.

Office Lens (free)


This is a pocket scanner app from Microsoft. Office Lens allows you to quickly photograph receipts, documents, and white boards and then save the images as PDFs, Word documents, or even PowerPoint slides. With its powerful digitizing capabilities, paper documents could soon be a thing of the past.

Slash Keyboard (free)


Slash is an awesome keyboard that integrates with various social media sites and messaging apps, allowing your to access virtually any content you want in any app all without leaving your keyboard. With over 20 different deep-linked integrations, Slash lets you share anything from GIFS, stickers, and songs, to cafes, contacts and more by hitting the button on the keyboard. After hitting it, just type in the name of the service you want to grab info from, then tap on the result and the item will be pasted right into the messaging field of whatever app you are using they keyboard in.

AbyssRium (free)


AbyssRium is something of a cross between a game and a screensaver. In it you start as a lonely corallite at the bottom of the sea floor. Your aim is to grow more coral to attract all kinds of underseas life. The more coral you grow and the more undersea life you attract, the more beautiful your reef becomes. The art design and sound effects are top notch, which means you’ll want to spend hours just staring at the undersea world you’ve created.

Alto – Email Organized for You (free)


Alto is the email client for those who are sick of email clients. The app makes retrieving the important information from your emails–across all your email accounts–easy. The feature I love the most is the real time travel updates. Alto automatically pulls your upcoming flight details–including any changes–and presents them on a widget so you have easy access to crucial information. Alto works with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud, Hotmail, AOL Mail, Exchange, IMAP, and corporate accounts.

Riptide GP: Renegade (£2.49)


Riptide GP is an awesome hydrojet racing game (think pimped out jet skies). The game is kind of like Fast and Furious on water. In it you play a hydrojet racer forced to race illegally through city waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery. Along the way you collect treasures and can upgrade your vehicle. The gameplay is tight and the graphics (especially for the water) are some of the best we’ve seen in a mobile game.

Aurora Forecast (free)


Ever dream of seeing the Northern Lights? Download Aurora Forecast to easily plan the best time for you to catch them. The app features SWPC ovation auroral forecast geomagnetic activity probabilities, auroral predictions, real-time solar activity, aurora nowcast, and push notification alerts so you’ll never miss nature’s greatest light show again.

Couchsurfing Travel App (free)


Before the was Airbnb, there was Couchsurfing – a service where people could post an available couch or room for travelers to crash in for free. Couchsurfing lives on, and this is the official app of the service. With it you can find willing hosts is over 230,000 cities across the globe. But best of all is the app’s “Hangouts” section, which shows you other travelers nearby who are free to hangout–something that is great for the lonely traveler.

Google Keep (free)


Google Keep is like a digital trapper keeper for your thoughts and ideas. Create notes, store pictures, or record voice memos and store them all inside the Keep app. It’s the ultimate Get Things Done experience with full annotation support, rich lists support, and sync support between all your devices. Google Keep is a keeper.

3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test (free)


Are you ever sick of being in an area with a weak cellular signal? If only you knew which direction to move in you might be able to get a stronger signal and actually hear the person you are trying to talk to. That’s the idea behind 3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test by OpenSignal. The app allows you to see cell towers around your area on a map, and the signal compass points you in the direction you need to walk in to improve your connection immediately. Not only does it show cell towers, it also shows Wi-Fi routers. Plus coverage maps allow you to see the best places for 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage.

Wild Weather (£1.49)


Wild Weather is a terrific weather app for those looking for something a bit different than the common data overloaded weather app. The big feature of Wild Weather is its beautiful hand drawn illustrations that appear based on your location, the time of year, the weather, and the time of day. There are dozens of illustration, which are so beautiful, you’ll want to just stare at them–weather be damned! The app also does provide you with a five day forecast, a 24 hour outlook, and the ability to add multiple locations.

Deus Ex GO (£3.99)


If you’re a fan of previous Square Enix titles Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, you’ll want to pick up Deus Ex GO. Like the previous titles, Deus Ex GO a turn-based puzzle infiltration stealth game, only this time set in a stylized interpretation of the Deus Ex Universe. As covert agent Adam Jensen it’s your job to solve puzzles to throat a terrorist plot. As usual both the musical score, sound effects, and graphics are top notch, making this one of the best puzzlers to come along this summer.

Flip Diving (free)


It’s getting hot out there, so how about a little cliff diving to cool you down? That the premise behind this physics ragdoll game. Launch your cliff diver off the cliff and try to land in the water perfectly after attempting to pull off backflips, spins, pikes, and more. It’s a wonderfully fun game to spend a few minutes on and will make you wish there was a cool pool of blue water somewhere near you could dive into.

Academy: Overwatch Edition (free)


If you’re a fan of the amazing Overwatch game, you’re going to want to grab this free app. Academy: Overwatch Edition is an encyclopedic user guide for all the characters from the game. It’s divided into three sections: Heroes, News, and Media, which gives you all the information, backstory, news, tips, and other information about the Overwatch universe.

Mr. Robot (£2.79)


The official name of this game is “Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.apk”. As you may be able to tell, it’s based on the popular award winning TV show called Mr. Robot. The game is unique as it turns your smartphone into the phone of a hacker that you found. Using her phone you need to attempt to infiltrate E-Corp, a massive global tech company. You do so by sending texts to employees, hacking them, lying to them, and gaining their trust to let you into their systems.

Google Duo (free)


Google Duo is Google’s new free video chat app. It’s meant to take on Apple’s FaceTime, but outdoes it in some areas. One such area is the app is available for both iOS and Android, so you can video chat with your friends no matter what kind of device they use. The app also has an innovative preview mode that allows you to see the video feed of a call before you decide to answer it.

GO Tools for Pokémon GO (free)


This is for all you Pokemon GO addicts. GO Tools is a crowdsourced, interactive map for Pokemon Go that allows you to find the best spots where the rarest Pokemon are hiding out. Currently the app features a staggering 600,000 submitted Pokémon locations. The app also features calculators that help you choose which of your Pokemon should evolve.

Pencil Sketch (free)


This is a great, simple, and fun photography app that lets you turn any of your photos into sketches. Three styles of sketches are including: “Sketch”, “Doodle” and “Hatch”. The app also features other photo editing tools to crop, adjust colors, and more. Download it for a refreshing, creative take on your snaps.

Verne: The Himalayas (free)


This fun app from Google uses Google Maps data to build an actual 3D model of the Himalayas. It then lets you navigate through them as a 500 foot Yeti named Verne. Using him you can explore the mountains, including scaling Mount Everest in seconds!You can also ice skate, hand glide, and even jet around the mountains with a jetpack.

Home Budget Manager Lite (free)


This is an amazing personal finance app with one of the best designs I’ve seen in a money management app on any platform. Home Budget Manager Lite allows you to track all your expenses, incomes, and bills, so you can always stay on top of your finances. It has powerful sync capabilities as well as search features so you can easily find any transaction quickly. It really is an amazing app and if you like it you can upgrade to the pro version for even more features.

Theory Test 2016 (free)


The UK is one of the hardest countries in the world to get a driver’s license in. Thank god there are a lot of apps that aim to help you pass the theory portion of the test. One of our favorites is Theory Test 2016. It’s completely up to date containing every official revision question, answer and explanation from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA. An extra bonus: it has progress charts so you can see if you’re doing better (or worse). Good luck!

Deliveroo (free)


Deliveroo is a must have app if you like ordering restaurant food but don’t actually like going to restaurants. It’s kind of like the Uber for food delivery. Order food from your best loved restaurants around you and Deliveroo will send a bike messenger to the restaurant to pick up your order and deliver it to your door.

360 Battery – Battery Saver (free)


Ever feel like your battery drains waaaaay too quickly? Try 360 Battery – Battery Saver then, which claims to be able to make your battery last 50% longer. The app essentially monitors all your open apps, checking which ones are hogging the most battery, and suggesting which ones you can close. Best of all, it’s free!

Egg, Inc. (free)


This awesome simulation game is the answer to any of you who ever wondered if they should be egg farmers. Here’s the summary: “In the near future, the secrets of the universe will be unlocked in the chicken egg. You have decided to get in on the gold rush and sell as many eggs as you can. Hatch chickens, build hen houses, hire drivers, and commission research to build the most advanced egg farm in the world.” Yeah, it’s a bit silly, but it’s a truly impressive sim. A big bonus is the beautiful, colorful graphics.

The Olympics – Official App for the Olympic Games (free)


The official app of the Olympic Game–just in time for the launch of the 2016 Rio Olympics! Use the app to get the latest news and schedules for Rio 2016; find Olympic results and records for all sports, athletes and Games; track your favourite Olympic sports and athletes; and  view highlights of the day’s events.

Team GB Live (free)


Speaking of the Olympics…Use this app to follow all our Team GB athletic heroes as they compete in the greatest sport games of the world. The app features a daily Olympic Games calendar complete with sport-by-sport breakdown of when athletes will be in action–and gives you the time in UK times. It also gives you all the latest access to all the latest news from

BBC+ (free)


BBC+ is an app first from BBC. The broadcaster has long made individual apps spanning News, iPlayer, Sport, Weather, and more, but BBC+ aims to put the best of those apps into one and only deliver the content you are interested in. With the app you can set your topics of interest and the app will scour BBC’s resources to combine all the relevant information and put it at your fingertips. This also means that if you don’t care about sport or entertainment, you won’t see news headlines or iPlayer shows based on those subjects taking up your feeds.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops (free)


This is the official game of the upcoming DC Comics movie (which we hope is better than Batman Vs Superman). It’s a first person shooter that sees you in charge of a squad of super villains who need to defeat enemies intent on ruin. Play as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, or Diablo, as you explore the city to locate health packs, ammo and upgrades in order to survive against your enemies.

Dots & Co (free)


Dots & Co is a wonderful puzzler with beautiful art direction. The game features 155 levels where you connect the dots to move them off the board, getting helped along the way by magical companions that live in the beautiful landscapes the dots are in. This is one of the best puzzle games I’ve played in a long time.

Star Trek Timelines (free)


Star Trek Timelines is the RPG Trek fans have been waiting for. Why? Because as the name suggests, this Star Trek RPG encompasses the entire history of Star Trek, from the original Kirk crew to Voyager, The Next Generation, and more. Build your crew from members of any of the series you want and command your favorite starships including the USS Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant, a Klingon Bird of Prey, and even the Borg Cube.

EyeEm – Camera & Photo Filter (free)


EyeEm is a social media platform built around photographers. Currently the platform boast over 15 million members who shoot pics with the app, then edit them with the app, and then post them to their profiles. The app includes 24 free and adjustable photo filters for every cam style, including Vintage, Fresh and B&W. And when you are done uploading your pics you can even sell them in the EyeEm marketplace.

Google Arts and Culture (free)


The official app of the Google Cultural Institute, which has partnered with over 850 museums, archives, and organizations worldwide to bring their artistic collections online. The app allows you to go on 360 degree panoramic tours of hundreds of museums, heritage sites, and landmarks as well as explore individual artworks based on some unique categories including the color of the work.

Swiftmoji (free)


Swiftmoji will probably be the next hot keyboard app. Why? Because it predicts which emoji you should use based on the words you type. This helps with emoji discovery—you don’t have to stick with the dozen or so emoji you normally use (let’s face it, out of laziness).

Random Flix (free)


This is a must have app for Netflix fans. It allows you to search Netflix’s entire database of shows and, if you don’t know what to watch, allows you to play a random episode. Honestly, a feature like this should be built into Netflix (which has massive discoverability issues) but since it’s not, we’re glad this app is available.

Isotope – Periodic Table (free)


Isotope is probably the most beautiful periodic table of chemical elements app we’ve seen. It’s got a drop dead gorgeous user interface feature 118 elements and rich animations when you interact with each one. Best of all it’s got a great search feature that allows you to find elements by names, symbols, or atomic numbers. A must have for budding scientists!

Pokémon GO (free)

How could this app NOT make the list? This is only Nintendo’s second game for iOS and it’s already shot to the top of the charts. Pokémon GO is an augmented reality app that lets you go searching for Pokémon in the real world. Find them, capture them, and see them evolve before you eyes. What’s really cool is Pokémon appear near their natural habitats, so if you want to find water Pokémon go to a local lake or seaside in your area.

Easy Currency Converter Pro (£1.29)

With recent events, the British Pound has been rocking around to historically low levels (going back 30 years). There’s never been a better time to have a good currency converter app on hand to see how the pound is fluctuating against other currencies. Easy Currency Converter Pro is one such app. It tracks over 180 currencies with live exchange rates and an offline mode. It also offer historic graphs and allows you to convert multiple currencies at once.

Ghostbusters: Slime City (free)

The new Ghostbusters movie has hit theaters, so its no surprise that the accompanying app is available now. In Slime City you play a Ghostbuster who needs to recruit others to save Manhattan. As you capture specters, demons and undead you’ll build up your Ghostbusters HQ to be more powerful, unlocking new upgrades to your ghost fighting tools, such as Proton Packs. Best of all there is a asynchronous co-op mode that lets you team up with other players to take on ghosts across the city.

Google Fit (free)

Google Fit is a terrific health app that tracks your activity throughout the day. It works with your Android phone’s GPS and motion sensors to track your walks, runs, and cycle rides. Google Fit will record your speed, pace, route, elevation, and you can check out your current stats in the dashboard at any time. You can also set goals based on steps, time, distance, calories burned as well as receive personalized recommendations and coaching for activity goals. Plus the app integrates with other popular third-party health apps.

Rodeo Stampede (free)

This is a great game with gorgeous blocky graphics that puts you in the seat of a rodeo cowboy. But its not just bulls you are trying to lasso. Have your go at trying to rustle up buffalo, elephants, ostriches, and more. Then once your lassoed them build enclosures where your animals can roam safely.

Flying Motorcycle Simulator (free)

I never thought I’d be reviewing a game like this, but the truth is it’s a lot of fun to play. The premie is simple: you control a motorcycle that can both drive on land and fly in the air. It’s a terrific time waster for the commute and has great physics and not bad graphics. Definitely worth a download.

Boxer (free)

If you are looking for a new email client, Boxer is one of the most feature-rich email apps I’ve found. Boxer supports all major email providers including Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync), Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL,, and IMAP. But the real reason it’s so cool is because of features like Cloud File Integration, or the ability to attach a photo or add a file from Box or Dropbox when you compose a message; a wide array of swipe actions to archive, delete, or mark emails; assignable profile photos for people who send you emails; the ability to “like” messages, which will notify the sender you received it; HTML signatures; Evernote integration; smart folders, and more.

Perfect Storm HD (£0.79)

Perfect Storm HD is a screensaver app that allows you to display various nature images on your smartphone as interactive rain falls down on the screen. The sound effects of the rain are great and you can even control how often it thunders and how loud the thunder and rain gets. It’s perfect for those that like a little background noise in their room.

Meme Creator (free)

Who doesn’t love memes? Most make you laugh and some are even incredibly poignant. But what about creating your own memes? You no longer need Photoshop, or even a desktop, do do that thanks to Meme Creator. The free app allows you to create memes right on your smartphone. You can choose from over 600 images and add your own captions to them in 20 different choices of font. You can also use images from your photos roll to turn into custom memes.

SkyScanner Hotels (free)


SkyScanner is known for their powerful algorithms that reveal the cheapest price of airline tickets, but they also offer similar services for hotel rooms, which is what this app is for. Skyscanner Hotels allows you to compare the prices of millions of hotels across the globe. It’s a perfect app now that holiday travel season is upon us.

Water Drink Reminder (free)


There’s a body of research that shows drinking 8 glasses of water a day will keep our skin looking younger and can help us lose weight. Unfortunately many of us don’t drink anywhere near enough. That’s where Water Drink Reminder comes in. Use it to track your water intake throughout the day. It even has a customizable setting where you can select which size glass you normally drink from to make tracking an ease.

Battery (free)


This is a great free utility app that will tell you everything you need to know about your smartphone’s most important resource: its battery. The app shows your current battery charge in the menu bar as a percentage, but it also gives you other stats about your battery in the app, stats like the temperature, health, voltage, and technology behind your battery. It also offers a widget.

Solar Walk 2 Free (free)


Solar Walk 2 is a great app that offers an interactive encyclopedia of the solar system based on the latest data from sources such as NASA as well as the latest imagery. Fly through the universe discovering planetary atmospheres, solar flares, auroras and asteroid belts and view events thanks to the built in celestial calendar. A truly stunning app.

EURO 2016 Head Soccer (free)


EURO 2016 is fast upon us and even though England may already have been booted, this app will allow you to launch some vicarious victories against other teams. In it you can select the bigheaded soccer player of your favorite european national team and start playing matches to win the Euro. The app has multiple modes including Friendly, Cup, and League mode so there is a stye for anyone no matter what kind of match they want to play.

War Tortoise (free)


This game wins a thumbs up just for its name and premise. In it you pilot turtles built for war. Yeah, they literally have cannons and guns strapped to their shells. The 3D graphics are amazing and the game is one you can get lot in for hours. It’s part shooter, part idle game, and part tower defense—and all kinds of crazy fun.

Calculator Plus Free (free)


If you are looking for a great calculator app for your smartphone, look no further than Calculator Plus. It’s got a beautiful design and is packed with features including the ability to remember and save multiple variables. It’s a must have utility.

Memrise (free)


If you’re looking to learn a language, there’s no better app than the Memrise app. The app now supports over 100 different languages and allows you to progress at a speed suitable to you. A really nice feature is the app uses fun game and even memes to help you remember a word. A few months with this app and you’ll have a conversational-level ability to speak in the language of your choosing.

Sunrise Calendar (free)


Sunrise has a drop-dead beautiful UI. And the app isn’t totally only about looks either, it’s also got some nice features like the ability to see faces and profiles of people you are meeting thanks to its LinkedIn integration and the ability to show you the weather forecast based on your event’s location. But the real reason I like this app so much is that, frankly, it looks a lot like iOS’s default calendar app, which, while missing some features, looks darn beautiful.

UEFA EURO 2016 Official App (free)


UEFA EURO 2016 is here and this is the official app of the tournament to follow every game from 10 June to the final on 10 July. The app features sections on all the teams, players, matches, fixtures, and standings and acts as the ultimate second-screen companion during the games.

Boomerang from Instagram (free)


Boomerang is a new app from Instagram that is kind of trying to take on Vine. But instead of recording six-second videos Boomerang takes 10 photos in rapid succession of each other and the plays them back as a very short video. You can then post your short clips to Facebook or Instagram.

Layout from Instagram (free)


Another great app for the Instagram-obsessed. Layout from Instagram is a companion app made by Instagram that allows you to do a little more with your photos than the regular Instagram app does. You can “re-mix” up to nine of your snaps into cool layouts, add effects, and then upload those combined shots to your Instagram feed. It’s a cool app that will give hardcore Instagramers a little more stylish control over the number and layouts of the photos they publish.

Lost Horizon (£3.99)


Lost Horizon is the classic point and click game ported to Android. If you’re into old times games like Monkey Island, Zak McKracken, and Maniac Mansion, you’ll LOVE Lost Horizon. In it you play a dismissed British Air Force pilot turned smuggler looking for missing researchers in Tibet in 1936—if the Nazis don’t get them first! The gameplay is terrific and the voice acting is top notch.

Pets Unleashed (free)


The Secret Life of Pets looks to be one of those summer cartoon movies that are going to be a hit with kids and adults alike. This game lets you get into The Secret Life of Pets universe before the movie hits theaters. Yes, it’s kind of a Candy Crush rip off (but what match-3 games aren’t?).  In the game you play as the pup Max as he explores New York City. As you continue to accrue new matches you’ll unlocks new pets, boards, and goals along the way.