Research and Development department of the BBC is currently testing the idea of ​​the content that changes depending on who it Watch length paced action scenes and even the color shades can be adapted according to the tastes and preferences of the viewer.

For the experiment, the data is collected with the help of a simple mobile application that checks on your listening habits, and asks a few questions of the person; in the future, information about you may be collected from all types of sources, says the BBC.

How are they delivered via the Internet, television shows and even movies can adapt on the fly based on your mood or the time of day. Your current location, gender and age can all potentially play a role in the order and structure of the scenes shown in the

Repeat views

A technology can make repeated scans are much more acceptable. – The individual elements can be changed for the second time, to meet the current situation (when you are viewing a movie with the family, and not on its own, for example).

“Broadcasting over IP allows to create all kinds of new content experiences that would be impossible or scalable on ‘traditional’ TV or radio,” says the Beeb. “We are investigating how to create personalized media that feels natural to the audience and interesting for the narrator, as it scales to millions of individual members of the audience.”

While only a small scale trial run with a limited number of testers, but Broadcasting Corporation says it wants to create a prototype of the public that everyone can check in the near future.

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