We get it. You are busy building a robot that can eat human food. That’s why we have extended the deadline for applications for the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield for a few days. Apply for November 23 at 9 pm PT compete free demo space at the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show, $ 50,000 prize and a trophy metal man.

For those of you following along at home, Battlefield Equipment is part of the Startup Battlefield series of TechCrunch, but with a few differences. Of course, there is a requirement that the participating companies must have the hardware component for your product. In today’s world, this means that all of the devices to IoT 3D-printing, wearable robots.

Equipment Battlefield takes place at the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Battlefield participants another 6 minutes to give our jury, followed by six minutes of live Q / A. Judges include hardware investors as Rob Coneybeer, Highway1 and HAX, top designers like Yves Behar and product experts like Susan Paley.

This year’s TechCrunch will be more. Stand this year directly on the mezzanine Sands Expo, which means that anyone and everyone going to check the exhibits will go TechCrunch.

Only in the third year, Battlefield Equipment team is already making a name for himself. Owlet raised $ 7M Series A. Peeple began a successful Kickstarter, Sereneti Kitchen part in Highway1.

The use of and participation in Hardware Battlefield is completely free, and we welcome entries from all over the world.

Startups must have a functional prototype demo to the selection committee. TechCrunch will give preference to companies that debut product for the first time to the public and the press for competition.

So, looking for a way to stand out from the noise at the exhibition CES? You want to get feedback from the biggest gadgets enthusiasts on the planet? Apply now to be part of the equipment Battlefield!


Our sponsors help make Battlefield happen. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact our sponsorship team on sponsors@techcrunch.com.