Since then, Apple, introduced a mode locker in watchOS 2, having a charging dock for Apple Watch meaning. Doc can keep watch on the spot, while you sleep, so you will not have to put it on the side of and attach it to the charging cable, like an animal. Apple today launched the official Apple Watch charging dock that works in both bedside table and a flat charging pod. But this is an expensive accessory, it costs $ 79

The circular pier seems to be made of plastic with a conventional magnetic disk in the middle of charging. Chargers washer supports two positions – you can set it up vertically from the apartment. In a way, it looks like a tiny cushion for your Apple Watch

Contrary to unofficial Apple Watch docks, dock Apple, do not rely on the cable Apple Watch. Chargers washer built in dock. Instead, there is a port on the rear side of the Lightning Dock.

looks like, Apple, wants to use the ports Lightning worldwide. New keyboard, mouse and trackpad all come with port and cable lightning lightning. Even the new Apple TV has a remote control port lightning to charge the battery.

So, once again, Apple is selling its new Apple Watch dock with cable length zipper (2 meters). But it seems that it does not come with a USB-power adapter. In addition, there is not much to say about this docking station. It does not add function at your watch, it’s just nice accessory if you plan to replace your alarm clock with Apple, Watch. For example, you can press the numeric crown to set aside your worries and your clock will not move.

$ 79 is a bit expensive for Apple Watch dock. Official iPhone Dock Apple’s worth $ 39, for example.

However, expensive docking sense for Apple, Watch. If you care about beautiful things, like Apple, Watch, you might want to get a beautiful stand for your home. In the end, you may have just spent more than $ 1000 to get Apple Watch Hermès. And no one forces you to buy the dock. But maybe I was expecting something else.

Other watches stands outside have been available for several months – some of them even look better than the big white circle. My favorite party stand Forte Twelve South. This piece of metal and leather supports the nightstand and costs $ 59. It’s not cheap, but it looks good. There are cheaper alternatives as well.

This all comes down to taste. I’m sure many will like a small pillow with a metaphor. The Apple Watch dock is already available in stores Apple, some now, and on the website of Apple today. You can already find the video on YouTube unpacking and packing photos on Twitter.

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