Despite Australia’s leading contactless payments ecosystem, we are still waiting for Apple, Pay officially launched across the country.

While the signs point to a dispute on the division of profits with the banks as the main delay, some eagle eyed Apple Maps users are hoping that we are going to see a shift in strategy from the technology giant.

Apple Pay Maps

first noticed in the forum Apple, Community AppleTalk Australia last weekend, business ads for certain Coles and Woolworths stores across the country on Apple Maps has been updated to show icon Apple, Pay

In markets where Apple, Pay officially launched that same icon is used to denote the stores that you can pay with your iPhone or Apple, Watch.

Pay yesterday free tomorrow

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this development is the fact that only some of Coles Woolworths stores and shown icon.

However, it seems that references to Apple, Pay has since been removed from the same companies.

In any case, we have our fingers crossed that these lists were scouts upcoming Apple, Pay invasion of Australia, and not just a glitch in the system.