How to three months Apple Music trial period comes to an end for those who signed up for the start, Apple, confirmed that there are still big improvements coming in the company Spotify rival.

In an interview with The Guardian , vice president Itunes International Oliver Schusser acknowledged that the launch of Apple Music not without problems , and that the company is making every effort to improve service, based on the comments of users.

“There’s a lot of work, part of the resulting product is better. Our focus is on the front line, and playlists, and, obviously, we have a team all around the world working on this, but we also add new features and cleaning certain things, “Schusser cited in the article.

apple differentiate themselves from competitors with a wide selection curated playlists, as well as the successful launch of its Beats 1 radio platform, the focus now includes fixing problems and adding new features.

Doing your homework

One big area of ​​focus is the platform Apple Music Connect, which allows fans to directly connect with the artists. Schusser claims service is gaining momentum, more and more artists are beginning to engage with the platform.

The company also committed to the Apple Music in both Sonos and Android platforms in the next few months, although Schusser claims there is a fair amount of work to be done.

However, with more than 11 million customer now signed a three-month trial, those who signed on launch day June 30 will soon face the question of whether to pay monthly subscription fee.

for Apple, though, the number of people signed it less attention than trying to improve the product, as stated Schusser Guardian

“Our goal is more product than anything else: we spend most of our energy on something. ” he quotes. “It’s more than our priority checks every hour the number of people who have registered. We have a long-term perspective on this.”