The Apple iphone 7 may perhaps be grabbing the headlines, but Apple’s Apple iphone 6s continues to be a amazing handset – bringing a lot more to the get together than any previous ‘S’ up grade we have viewed. If you’ve determined to acquire benefit of the Apple iphone 6s’ price minimize, or possibly just want to understand a lot more about the large-conclude handset, you are going to want to know about this handful of options.

At the main of the Apple iphone 6s are 3D Contact, Dwell Photos and 4K recording. You have possibly covered the simple of making use of these options, but there are a couple tweaks and methods that’ll enable you squeeze the most from them. So, devoid of even more ado, listed here are eleven things your Apple iphone 6s can do that you may not know about.

one. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Take a super-rapid selfie

Like it or not, selfies are now a portion of our life. In response, Apple has produced it more quickly and simpler to acquire your very own with the Apple iphone 6s. It is not instantly apparent how to do it, for the reason that it is performed through the handset’s 3D Contact features. To acquire a fast selfie devoid of leaving your household display, firmly force the Camera icon you are going to then be introduced with a set of options. Click selfie and the phone will change to the entrance-going through digicam.

2. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Make your wallpaper a Dwell Photograph

As well as 3D Contact, the Apple iphone 6s also will come with Dwell Photos, a new perform that documents a snippet of online video just before and after you acquire a photo. Improved still, the Apple iphone 6s allows you set them as your wallpaper. To make your wallpaper a Dwell Photograph, merely discover the a single you want, faucet the share icon and then select “Established as wallpaper”. A agency push of your Apple iphone 6’s lock display will then convey it to lifetime.

three. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Shoot in 4K

The Apple iphone 6s is able of taking pictures 4K online video, but it doesn’t do so by default. If you want to record clips in 4K, you are going to will need to go to Configurations then scroll down to Photograph and Movies. Beneath the Camera heading, select History Online video, then make certain 4K at 30fps is ticked. If you run out of place or choose 4K movies aren’t vital, return to the menu and select a different location.

four. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Tweak 3D Contact options

3D contact is devoid of question a single of the standout options on the Apple iphone 6s, and making use of it need to develop into second-nature to 6s homeowners. Nevertheless, if you are obtaining it also straightforward or also really hard to activate, you are in luck. Navigating to options, accessibility and then 3D Contact sensitivity will let you to adjust how really hard you will need to the display just before your Apple iphone registers a 3D Contact.

five. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Call individuals from iMessage

When you’ve bought 3D Contact to your liking, it offers a host of fast shortcuts and options. Acquire iMessage: if you choose you want to call a get in touch with somewhat than concept them, merely force really hard on their get in touch with photo and you are going to be introduced with options to call, textual content or phone them.

6. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Hey Siri

Siri is a single of the most effective tools in the iPhone’s arsenal, and the 6s allows you use it devoid of even touching the Dwelling button. You can make Siri arms-free when you first set up your phone, but to permit it at at any time dive into Configurations, Common and Siri, then select Hey Siri. Soon after indicating your name 3 occasions, Siri will be activated just about every time you say Hey Siri. And the most effective bit? It’ll only reply to you. 

7. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Save your battery with Very low Electricity Method

By chopping down on syncing processes, a lot more lavish functions and OS animations, iOS 9’s Very low Electricity Method can squeeze added juice out your Apple iphone 6s. To permit it, head in excess of to options, scroll down to battery and make certain Very low Electricity Method is enabled. If you are even now nervous about your battery lifetime, it is also really worth deciding upon Battery Share, so you can see precisely how much battery lifetime you’ve bought still left.

eight. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Quick app multitasking

iOS nine produced it attainable to flick through not long ago applied applications with a double-faucet of the Dwelling Button, but the Apple iphone 6s can make it even simpler to multi-activity. Thanks to the handset’s brand name-new 3D Contact features, a really hard-push at the edge of the display is all you will need to convey up the previous software you have been making use of. From there, it is attainable to flick through the applications and select the a single you want. Want to bounce back again into your previous app? Just repeat the method.

nine. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Peek and force

At any time required to verify a little something, and then promptly return to what you have been hunting at just before? With the Apple iphone 6 you have to open messages and pictures entirely, but the Apple iphone 6s modifications all that, permitting you to “peek” at articles devoid of entirely opening it. A agency push of the display will frequently let you to see a lot more of a concept, e mail or pictures – and reducing the pressure will shut it yet again.

ten. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Turn your keyboard into a trackpad

Highlighting textual content is fairly tricky on the Apple iphone 6, but thanks to 3D Contact, it is straightforward on the Apple iphone 6s. A really hard push on the phone’s keyboard will flip it into a little something like a trackpad, and from there making use of the phone’s touchscreen is just like making use of a MacBook Pro.

eleven. Apple iphone 6s recommendations and methods: Kill Dwell Photos

Dwell Photos are a single of the Apple iphone 6s most intriguing options, but they acquire up a lot more place than a typical photo. If you are getting restricted on storage, you can disable Dwell Photos by tapping the round icon at the top of the digicam display.

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