Technical modernization has caused a popular food and activity tracking application and web site to go to Glitchy Thanksgiving, of all days.

Jennifer Hudson said at the opening of The Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center in 2011 in Chicago.

M. Spencer Green / AP

Weight Watchers has a loyal following of digital: Some 1.5 million people pay to use the website in a weight loss program and application. And on Thursday – Thanksgiving Day – the company presented an update that includes a new streamlined design and features of


However, the website and the app has since been Glitchy to the point of being unusable, in accordance with the customers who are dissatisfied with the service went into probably the most food-oriented time of year.

People tend to log food and exercise program that calculates points (instead of calories) and tells people how many points they used a particular day and how much they have left. Amber Kowalski, 25-year-old from Fishkill, NY, who has been a subscriber to pay $ 45 a month from March, Buzzfeed News reported that the application was to remove her records, recording several times, or by typing them incorrectly.

“I literally depends on it all,” said Kowalski. “Everything that goes in your mouth, or I think about food, I do. When you make it literally is a lifestyle change, and you have to depend on this. The most important thing is that people are upset that this holiday season. Thanksgiving, when it was down – .. this is one of the biggest time of year it is not good for someone trying to diet or eat better, and you could not even keep track of what you eat “

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