Android N may not have a remaining identify nevertheless, but numerous of the features have been revealed by means of the developer previews, from multi-window help to an enhanced Doze method.

The most current revelation is that Android N could help tension-sensitive displays, making it possible for people to interact with the monitor in a great deal the same way as 3D Contact enables on the Apple iphone 6S.

We say could, simply because at the minute it comes down to the wording of a launcher shortcuts API, which talks about ‘dynamic shortcuts’.

Less than tension

The text was noticed by Phandroid, and subsequent the discovery Nova Launcher developer Kevin Barry tried to test it out. He failed, but confirmed that the shortcuts do look to be gesture dependent, suggesting that 3D Contact-like gestures may nicely be supported in the remaining variation of Android N.

It would make a certain total of sense for Google to get on board the tension sensing practice. Inevitable accusations of copying apart it can be a single of the couple massive iOS features that you can’t currently get on Android and it can be got a whole lot of prospective.

Of class even if Android N does help tension-sensitive interactions on the computer software aspect you may still need to have components that can make use of it, which counts out most existing phones, other than probably the Huawei Mate S, which presently has a similar Pressure Contact feature.

But long run phones could help it and if Google’s operating on it there is certainly a superior prospect its following Nexus handset will be the to start with.

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