Android N might not have a last name nonetheless, but many of the options have been disclosed as a result of the developer previews, from multi-window guidance to an improved Doze mode.

The most current revelation is that Android N may possibly guidance force-sensitive shows, letting users to interact with the display screen in significantly the very same way as 3D Touch permits on the Apple iphone 6S.

We say may possibly, because at the minute it comes down to the wording of a launcher shortcuts API, which talks about ‘dynamic shortcuts’.

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The textual content was spotted by Phandroid, and next the discovery Nova Launcher developer Kevin Barry experimented with to take a look at it out. He unsuccessful, but confirmed that the shortcuts do show up to be gesture based mostly, suggesting that 3D Touch-like gestures might nicely be supported in the last model of Android N.

It would make a specific sum of feeling for Google to get on board the force sensing practice. Inevitable accusations of copying apart it’s a person of the couple major iOS options that you can’t at present get on Android and it’s received a great deal of possible.

Of study course even if Android N does guidance force-sensitive interactions on the software package side you can expect to nonetheless need components that can make use of it, which counts out most existing phones, other than maybe the Huawei Mate S, which now has a very similar Drive Touch feature.

But upcoming phones could guidance it and if Google’s performing on it there is certainly a good chance its following Nexus handset will be the 1st.

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