The new smartphone from Andy Rubin, which will be the debut solution of his new enterprise Important, will certainly run Android for its working technique. It looked that way from the little peek at the corner we received from Rubin’s tweet earlier this 7 days, but now Google’s Eric Schmidt has verified it’ll be one of a several “phenomenal new decisions for Android users coming extremely quickly.”

Initially of all:

But additionally, this appears like factors in between Important and Google are extremely welcoming, which could mean we’ll see a new form of near collaboration evocative of the Nexus period. Google has clearly staked out its possess new form of territory with phones it builds by itself, opting for a method aggressive with what Apple and Samsung have performed with their major-tier premium equipment.

Also, Schmidt’s teaser will come on Samsung Galaxy S8 working day, which seems like no accidental omen. Android’s major ranks have ordinarily integrated Samsung and in essence no one else, so it’ll be extremely fascinating certainly if Important is one amid a several new possibilities headed to the desk.