Small business owners looking to entice new customers by offering discounts and soon one less opportunity to sell yourself. Amazon announced that it would shutter its infrastructure from Amazon December 18

This step is not surprising, given that Amazon Local competitors are not good luck. Groupon announced that it would lay off 1,100 employees last month and LivingSocial announced this month that it cuts its workforce by 20%, as it moves away from the transaction.

“On 30 October 2015 until 18 December 2015, you can continue to buy bargains on Amazon Local, as usual,” Amazon announced on its website. “All purchased vouchers will not be affected by the change and remains in effect in accordance with their terms.”

What does this mean for small business

How to Deal hosting companies like Amazon Local, LivingSocial and Groupon to change their business model, small businesses also need to evolve the way they market to consumers.

LivingSocial, for example, changing its focus on providing expertise for clients.

“We learned a lot from the everyday activities and related transactions will be looking for ways to apply these lessons to the future as we continue to innovate for the benefit of our customers and vendors,” said the representative of Amazon TechCrunch.

new direction of the Amazon with local trade seems about partnership with local traders rather than singling out individual companies. Example, Amazon Home Services allows customers to select and hire a local repairman, who is part of the Amazon, and Amazon is working with local restaurants to deliver food through Amazon Prime today.

Amazon is also working to expand the availability of its same day Amazon Prime shipping service, which means that the company will compete more directly against local merchants. If you are a business that sells products on Amazon, the giant e-commerce continues to offer a platform width of transactions through the transaction of transactions a day, and a gold box.

There are still opportunities for small businesses to promote, but new business models of Amazon and LivingSocial may be less focused on the discounts, and more about the quality of service as a local pizzeria offer fast delivery through a network of Amazon Prime Now .

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