Based on the news last week that Amazon would expand its store household goods delivery service in the UK, as well as discounting the new prime minister’s membership in the country, e-commerce is currently calm, adding another service to the UK to Christmas build momentum: Launchpad – a portal to market, sell and deliver devices and other products made by startups – is currently living in the UK, opening its platform of local start-ups to list and sell their products


Launchpad launched in the US in July this year in partnership with such Y Combinator, the venture capitalists like Andreessen Horowitz and Kickstarter, to connect with early stage startups. To this list, it is now also adding more local portals like Crowdcube and

Its purpose is to get startups from Europe to list and sell their stuff, with a promise to give them more visibility and addressing some of the sore points of distribution, in essence, providing an all-in-one product Hunt, Shopify and Shyp experience.

Start UK is not entirely a surprise: FT reported earlier today that Amazon will extend the portal for UK start-ups sometime this week. Now, the portal went live peacefully. Currently, the products are added by invitation only, the company notes ,.

Among the first wave of items that Amazon is selling phones from Cyangoen Wileyfox (which we reviewed here, when they were first announced); iKettle from and Radfan. (very UK product: it is a fan that you put in your radiator), as well as products from non-tech categories as the artisanal gin from Devon


The FT reported that Kano – children encoding and commissioning of the computer set – will also be on Launchpad, although I have yet to see it. Likewise, the portal for startups lists several other startups that will be used.

Apart from these, there are also products from the United States, such as smartwatches of pebbles and smart doorbell.

As in the US Launchpad, the idea of ​​presenting products to richer than the basic way Amazon sales pages. Above is an example of how it bleeds mainly products for Wileyfox, though, you may need to do more here for the Amazon. As you can see, he sits somewhat awkward with the classic buy Amazon box in the upper right corner.

“We will help you to create the possibility of a story for you to talk about your products using large images, videos and detailed custom product pages and their merchandise on Amazon and on our program store, to ensure that they detect to our customers,” says Amazon. They also serve as a kind of mini portal startups themselves, with short interviews with the founders and other details.

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Amazon is known for taking his time to build new services in the United States, before expanding it abroad – it took four years to sell the Kindle e-books outside its domestic market. But with the growing popularity of the product start-ups, the Amazon, perhaps summed up the results, where it can find itself surpassed faster moving companies like Shopify or Shyp, and that a different approach.

From its inception in July, Amazon lured smaller bodies Launchpad hardware with the promise of the international distribution of 10 international portals. The discovery of non-US platform for start-ups is in addition to this.

And so, Launchpad fills the hole. Startups have long complained about the difficulty of scaling the business from Europe: it is one of the reasons why many choose to migrate to Silicon Valley to seek additional funding and communication. Program, as it offers them a way to quickly meet the demand for their own (and a couple of the Amazon), the product is gaining speed.

Indeed, this is what it seems, Amazon will play itself.

“We often hear from startups that are bringing a new product to customers can be as complex as the construction of it,” he says, in his FAQ. “In the Amazon Launchpad, we work with Crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists and accelerators start to solve the sales and distribution problems every startup faces. We support these young companies with global sales of Amazon and retail experience so that they can focus on product innovation. The program Amazon Launchpad help start-ups to attract new products to our customers. “