The demise of Vine was perhaps not fully unanticipated, but it is sad even so. Luckily, 6-next movies are quite straightforward to archive for posterity, and all-reason GIF platform Giphy needs you to do just that.

In a transient article on Medium, Giphy explained that, because of the company’s really like of all factors looping, it is earning a device that allows you obtain and maintain your Vines eternally, or just maintain them alive on Giphy alone.

A Giphy consultant instructed me that one particular of the engineers experienced the thought yesterday and threw jointly this device “because loop ????”.

You will require a Giphy account, and you’ll be equipped to transform specific Vines or your overall Vine account catalog.

Now, you may be thinking, “Uh, Vines have audio, GIFs never.” We’re on the same webpage, reader. I asked about this. The movie will be saved as a GIF (in addition to any larger-fidelity archival format we never know about), and the audio will be saved individually. It’ll only be shareable as a GIF at initially, but that could change later on. Let’s hope so, because the audio is quite critical on some.

The device is not dwell however, but hope it to seem extremely shortly in this article. I’ll update this article when it does.