With the next big vote on the regulation Airbnb less than a week away, the leaders of the product Airbnb gathered for dinner. Here’s what they said.

Columbus St. in San Francisco, and the appearance of a summer kitchen where the dinner was held Airbnb.

Through Flickr: MOBILI

On Wednesday evening, less than a week before a city-wide elections will determine the fate Airbnb to San Francisco, a small group of journalists met with an even smaller group of executives at dinner. The event offered a few weeks ago, was held in a rented space Airbnb event called the galley.

galley has whitewashed brick walls and large windows and French doors that overlook the intense movement of the foot and the flashing neon lights of Columbus Street in San Francisco’s version of Little Italy; space, in other words, the rental that feels like home in a nice and pleasant-smelling rich man, which made it the perfect place to contemplate the future Airbnb, a company that made its money from aid people rent their own beautiful and (hopefully!) good smelling home. Even if the future of the company – which is particularly confused at the moment – it is not something that any of the employees wanted to talk Airbnb.

In fairness, it was a difficult two weeks for them. Last week, the company became the subject of social media (and, ultimately, the regular media) outcry after pictures of the ill-conceived advertising campaign went viral. Ads that have been less than gentle suggestions for the Airbnb which the city can spend its tax dollars, were seen by many as a sign entitled disable tech elite of the city, and sharply criticized.

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