After a costly, summer time ago a political campaign, a measure that would have regulated Airbnb to San Francisco was a comfortable victory, from 55% to 45% .

Caroline O’Donovan / BuzzFeed News

San Franciscans voted Tuesday against a local proposal to a vote that would have imposed restrictions on home sharing platforms such as Airbnb.

According to the election website of the measure, Proposition F, it was defeated handily 55% to 45%.

If Proposition F is passed, it would be limited to short-term rental in the city to 75 days per year, needed components and Airbnb to report regularly to the city allowed the neighbors to take each other to court for infringement, and banned from renting in the law units among other things.

Airbnb spent more that $ 8 million to defeat Proposition F through a political campaign under the name SF for all. Earlier this month, BuzzFeed News reported that for every minute of television commercials that aired in favor of proposals F, was 100 minutes of ads against the measures.

Meanwhile, the campaign reserve Proposition F – a coalition of neighborhood activists, affordable housing proponents, Hotel Union workers and others working in the national best exchange Coalition – raised less than $ 1 million, most of them from Unite Here workers’ Hotel Union. (This campaign advertised, and – though much less than on F No campaign – and had the support of US Senator Dianne Feinstein and actor Danny Glover.)

The survey pointed out that this measure is unlikely to vote – that, once passed, can be modified only by another measure in order to vote. – It will be

Nevertheless, the campaign Airbnb is suffering from some failure in the eyes of the public. Some have criticized SF for mail and ads all, who argued that the proposal would address the neighbor against neighbor, as a form of bullying, and even fear mongering; others were critically significant costs for the company.

But the biggest blow was when unbeknownst Out Prop F campaign, internal marketing team Airbnb approved embarrassing campaign, after showing eye rolls, as far away as New York, the company was removed immediately. Although since Airbnb declined to comment on the debacle, he brought to light some of the grievances of the city of

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