Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunting is serious business

Just ask any of the major cable networks that are willing to devote hour intervals in a black T-shirt to wear professionals every week. After a hobby for the curious teenagers and bored housewives, hunting down ghosts became a spectator sport, spawn several TV shows, including The Adventures of ghosts and ghost hunters. Now we are finally seeing what happens when ordinary people get a chance to hunt in front of millions.

Part of the success of the paranormal industry can be attributed to the faith of the public in the supernatural beings. Harris poll released in 2013 found that42% of Americans believe in ghosts, but for some reason people put faith in the existence of things that they can not see?

We can have technology to thank for that.

“Every day more and more advances in technology that allow us to answer questions that only a few years ago puzzled us,” said Michael Rohr, co-founder of Elgin Paranormal investigators.

Since 2007, Rohr and his team are investigating the local accounts of ghosts in Illinois and Wisconsin

“We use infrared cameras, digital voice recorders, and electro-magnetic field and temperature detectors as the” go to “equipment on all research.” Rohr still.

But in order to understand why any of this technology should be used, we need to step back and consider the basic art of ghost hunting.

Ghost hunters

Believing incredible

in the paranormal world, most researchers believe that the ghosts – people who have passed away, but whose spirits were hanged – can make a physical impact on the environment Wednesday.

One common assumption is that ghosts can undermine the power of the space and use it to manifest in different ways. The researchers believe that this may lead to changes in temperature and electromagnetic energy.

In other words, you can begin to feel goosebumps cold wind or if a ghost walked into the room. Some researchers also believe that the high levels of electromagnetic can contribute to dizziness and anxiety. While electronics may also be affected by these waves of energy ripple effect ranged from virtually none to interfere with portable devices, such as pacemakers and quartz.

However, electromagnetic fields (EMF) around us every day, resulting from devices such as microwave ovens, power lines and televisions. While monitoring tools have not always been associated with the detection of paranormal phenomena, many of these devices are easily leaked in ghost hunting.

Ghost hunters

“EMF meter was originally made to diagnose problems with the wiring, power lines and get readings on the instruments,” says Betty Dupont with paranormal investigators of New England. “Ghost hunting community quickly fixed them, moving on to the point as the theory [that] spirits can cause electrical noise in the environment evolves.”

“In the course of the investigation, it can also be used as a tool to answer questions and answers sessions,” she added.

Talking with the dead may seem impossible, but to detect any electromagnetic changes in the atmosphere and temperature fluctuations can be derived as a response from the ghosts.

In some cases, investigators Tweak existing technologies to help them with their studies.

“CO-7 Spirit Box radio scanner and a speaker that generates white noise, so that the spirits can use it to say,” said Jeff Young, a member of the Arkansas Paranormal Research. “We talked with several different spirits that way.”

Ghost hunters

Communication much of paranormal research, and there are many key pieces of technology that can capture voices of lost souls. These days, digital recorders go to investigators, but in the past, it was not uncommon to get a tape recorder.

“You can purchase these registrars at any Wal-Mart, and they are very affordable,” Young says. “We just turn them on and wear them around or set them on the table and just let them entry. Later, when we look at the evidence, we find that we caught a whisper or a voice that did not come from our teammates.”

Sometimes a simple approach is better, and investigators have evidence to prove it.

“We caught the soldiers because of the breath work to our team, as well as the names, phrases, and answers to the questions we asked,” Young says. “These voices are classified as EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, it means that you can only hear them through the recording device. If you are able to clearly hear the voice, it falls under the classification of a disembodied voice.”

ghost hunting

tools of the trade

When paranormal investigators do not try to listen to the exact causes chills and creepy feelings, they use technology to capture visual evidence as well.

In order to photograph spirits, ghost hunters turn to infrared and ultraviolet light.

“‘Ghosts’ can be seen only in those wavelengths, which most people can not see, but the unfiltered digital sensors and some photographic film capable of recording,” explains New England investigator Anthony Duda.

Duda, who has been studying the paranormal for over 25 years, is all about getting to the bottom of paranormal activity for their clients. In his line of work, he uses both cameras and camcorders.

Tune into any of the programs on TV ghost hunting, and you will see the investigators, using a simple recording equipment, too. You may even be inspired to whip out your camera the next time you go through the old building. However, you may need to spend a bit if you’re as serious as professionals.

“The main components of the tools available and the ghost hunter in order of use, and the importance is a digital camera, voice recorder, EMF detector and remote temperature sensor,” said Tom Elliott Boston Paranormal investigators.

“The total price tag for them will be less than $ 250. In addition, there are all kinds of sophisticated tools, such as the thermal camera ($ 3000 and above). As a rule, new technologies come on the market every year, but limited financing puts them beyond the reach of most of the groups. ”

Image Credit: Elgin Paranormal Investigators

Evolution hunting

To give frightened homeowners some peace of mind, it takes a lot of technology to hone in on the causes of paranormal phenomena, and most researchers We agree that it is a long way to go. In addition, the technology is still evolving.

“I saw new gadgets like” Paranormal Puck “and« Ghost Light “come and go,” said Mike Palmer, founder of the paranormal investigators Northern Kentucky, “Every year, it seems,” the next big thing. ”

In some cases, investigators are skeptical how the new technology, as they are about paranormal activity in a new place. Just ask Michael Cardinuto, founder of Long Island Paranormal investigators.

“I have seen more and more high-tech equipment to appear, but, in my opinion, the new technology is not necessarily better for the region,” says Cardinuto. “For example, a 35 mm camera and obsolete digital cameras seem to capture. With a digital camera, anyone can take it and change the photo using a variety of different programs.”

Perhaps this is that by using technology to ghost hunting is all about: the building of confidence and to prove that, perhaps, this is, what the living world. However, most researchers know that they should not rely on their gadgets, to find out what’s going bump in the night.

“Some paranormal researchers rely too much on technology, often there is no physical, organic evidence,” says Barbara Wright Cranberry Coast Paranormal. “They’re too busy looking at the numbers on their temperature guns and EMF meters to see a ghost that only expressed them.”

investigators to work hard to find out the paranormal, they have a mountain of technology to resist as well. Fortunately, the five basic human senses the available resources, which they can use along the way.