Earlier this month, Twitter has added a new feature called Moments, which is basically a stream of curated content for news and events as an unofficial Back to Day of the future.

curated the time of filing of the editorial team of Twitter, using social media analytics, to pull out the most popular and notable themes and tweets based on TV shows, movies, news and events.

While the function was devoid of ads, or something that Twitter calls “promoted” messages, but, unfortunately, two weeks later, that’s all about to change.

Promoted ads going anywhere

Twitter explained in his blog, which contributed to the moment of the announcement will be presented in moments of thread, starting this Sunday.

These ads will look like the other post moments, but will sport a “Promoted” mark will only appear within 24 hours.

positions may include videos and photos to Twitter say it is “the first step in learning how brands can integrate into the points.”

first ad you’ll see this weekend will be a reboot of the film Rocky, faith, with a few ads, set to come from a range of different business in the coming weeks.

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