Adobe Reader 11.0.10.


ADOBE READER is the most popular shows in the world to view, create, manage and operate the PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This is all the other PDF reader is judging criteria. 1993 published publicly, Adobe Reader is initially priced at $ 50 per user of Adobe prior to the separation of its product range, offering free Adobe Reader software and their professional version of Adobe Acrobat. PDF has become the first choice due to its flexibility and ability to secure cross-platform enterprise file format.

Simple UI

ADOBE READER simple and intuitive user interface. Classical tools (text selection, zooming, snapshots, discovery) can be accessed from the top menu and navigation buttons. The latest version also includes advanced tools (create, export, transmission and storage options), registration and comments. You can e-mail or use the Adobe SendNow Shared Services iteration, comments and signatures.


ADOBE READER XI is the most secure version of Adobe has released. This is mainly because it is loaded in a sandbox area potentially dangerous objects and code, the new protected mode isolation from the rest of the system.


Some have criticized the ADOBE READER speed compared to other lightweight PDF reader. It’s true; ADOBE READER indeed than most of the PDF reader, you can slow down the operation more plug-ins and extensions. That being said, for those of ordinary users plug the difference is negligible, if not, they can be disabled. In a typical operation, the Adobe Reader is rendering high detail and true color reproduction fast document. Future versions of the work has been completed to increase the impact ADOBE READER memory usage, so you will find more tasks require pressure on your system is small.