Add Product

Before joining your first product, familiar with how work product classification, labeling and attributes.


Classification and Labelling much the same way as other types of jobs categories and tags work. They can be applied before or in the creation of products in the process.

Properties, on the other hand, are different. They can be added to each product, you can also set global properties for the entire store (for example, hierarchical navigation).

Product Type

With attributes and categories set up and configure inventory management, we can start adding products. When you add a product, the first thing is to decide what type of product it is.

  • A simple majority of the product types covered by any product you might sell. Simple product in shipment, there is no choice. For example, a book.
  • Group products can be purchased separately, only by a simple set of products related products. For example, a set of six glasses.
  • External or associated companies is a product that you list and describe your site, but sales elsewhere.
  • A variation is a different product variations, each of which may have a different SKU, product price, stock options and the like. For example, a T-shirt in different colors and / or sizes.

Adding a simple product

Adding a simple product is a simple process, similar to writing a standard WordPress post. In the product menu, click Add products. You will see a familiar interface, type the product should immediately see the title and description.


In the main dialog is the product type panel. Definition of the type of product (as described above), and whether it is downloadable (digital) or virtual (service) products.

Products Data

Product data card is most important input data.54General tab

  • SKU – stock keeping unit (SKU) tracking products. It must be unique, and should be named and therefore does not conflict with the ID positions.
  • price
  • Regular price – the price of the main article.
  • Sales Price – Items discounts.

Inventory Tab

Stock tab to manage individual stock products, and to determine whether to allow receipt. If inventory management is disabled from the Settings page, only the “Out” option is visible.


Shipping label

  • Weight goods – weight.
  • Dimensions – length, width, and height of the project.
  • Transport Category – Shipping class will use a similar product by a particular mode of transport.

Related product labels
Through up-sell and cross-sell can cross-promote your products to each other. They can search for a specific product, then select from the drop-down list items to add:


After you add them, they are listed in the input field:


As cells are displayed on the product details page. These are that you may wish to encourage users based on their currently viewing product upgrades, product. For example, if a user is browsing coffee product list pages, you may want to display on the same page as the teapot upsell.


Cross-selling is displayed and the user associated with car shopping content products. For example, if a user adds a Nintendo DS to their car, you may want to suggest that they purchase spare stylus, the car reaches the page.

Group – Setting this option to make a packet for product components.

Properties tab
In the Properties tab, you can specify the properties of the product. You will see the selection box is set to create (for example, a platform that contains global attributes.

Once you have chosen to select an attribute from the selection box, click Add and can be used to connect to the property (for example, Nintendo DS), in terms of the product. You can uncheck the Visible checkbox left hidden in the front of the property.

Custom attributes can also selection box “from the custom product attributes’ applications. These are added to the product level hierarchical navigation is not available.

Advanced tab

  • Purchase Note – Enter an optional note sent to the customer after purchase.
  • Table order – for this project custom sort position.
  • Reviews Enable – Enable / Disable customer reviews for this item.


Add a brief product description. This usually occurs on the lower image of a product list page long description appears in the Description tab.


Add a new product in the right side of the panel, there are product categories, you can put your product, similar to a standard WordPress post. The label may be distributed in the same manner as the product.


Product Image
You can add a main image and an image gallery. see

Setting visibility and status of directory function

In the release panel, you can set the visibility of your product catalog.


  • Directories and search – everywhere
  • Directory – the directory cycle visible, instead of searching
  • Search – visible, but not in the catalog (category / shop page) in search results
  • Hidden – only on a single product page visible – no product cycle

Add grouping products

The product groups in much the same way as a simple product creation. The only difference is that you select the general details from the product label, the product type drop-down packet:


In several areas set up a parent product group, and prices will disappear. It’s good, because you will add this information to the various sub-products. Once you have completed the parent product, which was released back to add new products page.

A group to create a sub-productTo create a sub-product, visit: Product> Add New to add a new product. The only information you need to enter is:

  • Title
  • Product Type = Simple

You can also add a price and other details of the product, as required. Now go to the parent product-related products from the Group drop-down selection:


If you want to control which products may be in the order of the group, part of the Advanced menu under Edit product data command options.

Add Virtual Product

When adding a simple product, you can type in the product box virtual panel. This will eliminate unnecessary fields, such as size.

Add downloadable products

When adding a simple product, you can download the product box type panel. This will add two new fields:

  1. File path – the path or URL of your downloaded files.
  2. Download restrictions – restrictions on the age of the user can download the file number. Unlimited download a blank.

Adding an external product

Select from the Product Type drop-down menu “External / join.” This eliminates unnecessary labels, such as tax and inventory, and insert a URL field of the new products. This is the purpose where users can buy the product. Add to cart button instead, they see a read more button to guide them this URL.

Add a variable product

Variable products, can be said to be the most complex types of products. They let you change the definition of each may vary different SKU, price or inventory level of a single product.

A labeled product features

To commemorate the product features, please visit: Products>, and star in the function bar of choice. Or, select Quick Edit, then selected option.


Sold Out

If you manage inventory in order to get your product out of stock settings, options the most important payment gateway will be charged immediately. You can use the advanced notice period, in order to inform other people in addition to the shortage of store management.