Pinterest is Facebook’s second-largest social media traffic referrer, pushing Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit combined referrals more. If you do not have the time to develop Pinterest’s strategy, you are likely to miss a huge source of traffic.

Fortunately, it is not necessarily difficult to establish a presence on Pinterest. There are many simple strategies that you can put in place that will help leverage the power of the platform and increase traffic to your website. By making your content Pinterest friendly and spending some time “locked in”, you can introduce your site to a large new audience.

This article will first explain how Pinterest works and why you should consider developing appropriate strategies for your site. Then, we’ll provide you with five ways to get more traffic from Pinterest.

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About Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site that displays links in the masonry grid in the form of “pins”. Your Pinterest homepage displays an image feed (each linked to a page) based on your settings and previous activity. When you click a pin, it expands to show larger pictures and other details. When you click again, you’ll be taken to the source of the image – whether it’s a blog post, news article, or other type of page.

In addition to viewing the pins in the feed, you can save the pins to your own public or private board or group the boards you belong to. Pinterest also has a built-in visual search engine, so you can enter keywords or phrases to view the associated pins.

An example of a Pinterest search result

Pinterest has more than 100 million active user tags in 2015 and continues to grow. The platform has 75 billion pins and 2 billion monthly search volume, will not be regarded as a potential source of traffic. If you have not registered Pinterest, try it and get the pinned!

5 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic With Pinterest Power

As with any other social media marketing, it is important to implement a thoughtful Pinterest strategy to maximize recommendations. Let’s explore five strategies that you can use to help Pinterest’s traffic to your site.

1. Add the Pinterest Share button to your site

Before Pinterest can serve as a recommended tool, your content must actually appear on the platform. You can fix your own content, but you also want to make sure that others can easily pin it. This can be done by enabling the social sharing button (especially the Pinterest button) on your site if you have not already. There are many ways to add the Pinterest Share button to your site. Here are a few:

  1. If you have Jetpack, you can activate the simple social sharing button – including the Pinterest button.
  2. You can also use the dedicated Pinterest plugin to add the Pin it button to your pictures, pages and posts.
  3. If you want more customization options, consider a social media plugin such as MashShare or the simple social sharing button WordPress.

2. Use Pinterest-specific graphics on your website

When you share your content with Pinterest through a dedicated button, the site will automatically fetch the image from your page or elsewhere on your site. It usually gives you several pinout layout options for you to choose from:

Some types of graphics have shown better performance on Pinterest, gaining more repins and clicking. You may want to consider special Pinterest graphics included in your post or page to maximize your pin’s success.

Here are some tips for creating these images:

  1. Use the appropriate size: the typical pin graphics size of 736 pixels × 1104 pixels, but recently there is a trend, the higher the pin height of 2061px.
  2. Add a text overlay: A caption or description on the image informs readers and encourages them to click.
  3. Using a consistent layout: Consider creating a template using a design tool such as Canva. All Pinterest images consistent layout will help to create a cohesive brand image. This will also minimize the design effort.
  4. Hide the images in your post: Due to their size, you may find Pinterest’s specific graphics look bad in your post or page. If this is the case, you can prevent the image from appearing on the front end of your site by wrapping the image with a simple piece of code.

In addition, Pinterest has released a handy guide if you want to learn more about creating the perfect needle.

3. Activate Rich Pins

The Rich Pins page header.

Rich Pins specifically for enterprises to add additional information and features to their pins. There are six types of Rich Pins available, others depending on the type you are using. For example, an application fixation pin would have an installation button, and a local pin would include a map and contact information:

An example and brief description of article pins

Activation of the rich pins is very simple and complete guidance can be found on the Pinterest website.

4. Use SNAP to Automate Pins

SNAP WordPress Plugin

If you want to know how long it should be fixed, studies have shown that 15 to 30 times a day get the best results. However, for most people, it is very impractical to perform this operation manually, which is the source of the SNAP (Social Network Automatic Poster Plug-in). This tool is a web and mobile application that allows you to schedule your pins (and tweets, stock, etc.) in advance. Not only does it serve as a platform from which to fix, but it also provides you with the ability to “rotate” your messages and select your images.

5. Join the board of directors of Pinterest

Finally, although most users create multiple personal boards on Pinterest, you can also join the group board. They can have thousands of followers, meaning more people can see and reposition your content. There are plenty of resources available to find some great strategies for group board fixing, and a lot of people who have developed their own strategies to exploit them.

You can also create your own group boards and strive to become the authority of your field within Pinterest. By inviting contributors and wanting to build a person who can view and share your pin, you can explode your content relatively passively.

In conclusion

Pinterest gives you the opportunity to bring a lot of traffic to your site. However, while you may not be sure how to use this platform as an effective marketing method, it is not that difficult.

Using the five tips we outlined in this article, you can make good use of Pinterest’s power and increase your site’s traffic. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Add the Pinterest Share button to your site.
  2. Use Pinterest-specific graphics on your website.
  3. Activate a rich pin.
  4. Use the Tailwind Automation pin.
  5. Join the board of directors at Pinterest.

What Pinterest-centric strategies will you implement to drive traffic to your site? Let us know in the comments section below!