1. Registration to Twitter

The first stage is to create a Web site using your email address and a good security password, consider a Twitter account from your personal This separation. In the tweet, you usually follow, they follow back and start doing some research to see who has a huge fan base that can help you increase traffic to your site. You can also create different pursuits or filters, such as after sex, religion, age, location, and a list you may ask followers retweet (posted on their bank account) your email. Do not follow or computer spam robots and people who try to follow the quality of your site from the main specialization posting good stuff and things.

2. Facebook account

Obtain a Facebook profile can consider your advertising items really help, which means you can have a personal account, but also a business page, where you can learn and follow the preferences, you can use it to automatically re-release post your published site via WordPress plugin Jetpack extensions or other similar, if you are using other CMS modules. The same feature is available for the Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus. Facebook can be used for promotion, if you join, you share your knowledge, improve their social events, sometimes using scripts to automatically publish a predetermined links, images or text, such as group PHPSFP (PHP predetermined Facebook post), which is also applicable to Twitter under the name PHPSTP (PHP predetermined Twitter posts). On Facebook, you can even create your own group, and asked people to enter, even like your page.

3. Offer gifts to your visitors

Another great strategy is to own freebies on the site website visitors return more and more freebies to increase traffic and revenue to your site. You can either offer free e-books, audio tracks books, serial keys are related to video games and software on your web site or other digital content. You should take a look on how to create a relevant gift ideas Google, Twitter and Facebook pages. There are other sites, do a regular weekly or gifts, you’ll use them to promote your site even more. Even the trial or demo changes in the digital content can help you increase traffic to your site.

4. Requests the views of the Forum

When your site has more than one answer option, you can really better your site is how your visitors think, so you should have an email address and phone provided is a contact / response in the form of contact page. Typically, it also helps if you use recommended a rating system, and even the comments section, and when a Q & A is up to you at a different site, such as Facebook, reddit, or YouTube, people can ask you questions, you they answered in the actual production time.

Another nice trick is composed of two comment on their articles and write hyperlinks to your site in the Web address field or in the area of ​​your expertise posting links to either answer questions from your site articles in different Q & A sites enable visitors to provide feedback to other people go there to find answers to their questions complete.

5. popular blog client blog

Guest blog is a good way to improve the traffic, especially if you write on someone else’s site, has similar content to your own, you put a link to your Web site or from the specific terms of your site. You should contact the site owner, manager, editor or webmaster, and asked to write an original blog post. This can help them with the content, but to recruit each other’s work, so you can let others in your website to increase traffic because of new original content to create a guest post.

6. Add the feed to your website

A good tip is to add a link to your Web feed, but with different categories on your site and add the RSS control buttons on your website footer, header or sidebar allows users from other sites and pull the latest content, but also multiple sites and read RSS feeds. In this case, you can get a lot of contacts, you may even use as feed PHPSFP script will automatically use the online application Twitter nourish available on http Twitter and Facebook are the most popular articles published workaround Placing website: // via twitterfeed .COM /. Typically, SMF, vBulletin’s URL forwarding to create a forum communities curently have many RSS feeds depending on their subject categories, but for feedback or other interesting thing is also a special feed.

7. Research your keywords

A good SEO practice is to create keywords, description and title for each page and the article, but there is a larger practice is to use the keyword in the title of your article and content related to the subtopic. A terrible SEO practice is spam keywords, create nonsense content. If your site is created with WordPress you can easily use one of many available SEO plug-ins, such as a single search engine optimization package that will help you improve your article writing and search engine optimization techniques, but can also be seen to digital, increase traffic for each page and the article you must be on site.

8. Establish an email list

E-mail is an important source of external transport, especially if you have a link to your website in your personal e-mail, even if you just e-mail spouse or friends or family or business customers. E-mail can be used depending on the URL that is absolutely essential content of different publications in the footer of the newsletter sites and many other aspects of specific provisions. As published or increase the position and part of the design signature design templates, but also text, images and video to send to your correspondent.

9. Link exchange with other sites

If you exchange links or banner exchanges, similar domains and subdomains as their other sites, you can increase website traffic for sure. Sometimes you if you write in your article links to other sites and site owners to do to create a good network share the same thing shared traffic. The addition of new members of the network share number will automatically increase your traffic.

10. Create videos and submit to YouTube

If you can create a video with your site, then you should be posted on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook with people linked YouTube account, so you can automatically publish these social media networks, YouTube video uploads. Do not forget to write the correct title, description, comments, and keywords, and choose the right category. You should consider yourself is vblogger because in these days, they have millions of followers on YouTube, which can really increase your website traffic, especially if you post these videos on the site.